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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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"I want so much to be respectful of differing beliefs, but I am so angry and scared right now."

Any Republican could say the same thing. They vote the way they do because they are angry and scared by the left. The left feels as wrong to them as the right feels wrong to you.

Just another point of view from a moderate person who found no one to support in this election.


@Kermit I know, I know. I know I'm not going to convince anyone of anything but I can at least express how I feel. :-)


Interesting point, but WHY does the left feel wrong and scary to Republicans?

Sigh. I've become too liberal to detach myself and see it from the other side's point of view. I just... can't.

I'm with you, Sarah, but I don't think this election will be close as November approaches. It feels like it right now with the fervor over S. Palin and the RNC coming to a close, but just wait for the debates. And every time I hear about one of those utterly stupid McCain commercials that rip on Obama for nothing? I think, "they're terrified." Palin was a hail mary... I watch a crapload of football and I can tell you that those rarely work.

Check out this pic (for laughs):

Vote Obama.


"I want so much to be respectful of differing beliefs, but I am so angry and scared right now."

Well said. Expressed what I have been feeling the past few days but was unable to verbalize.

I wish this was about the issues right now and not about all this "lipstick" crap. I have trouble explaining it to my 12 year old son who had taken an interest in understanding in this election.


AMEN SISTER! You just said EVERYTHING I think and feel about this election. And to add my own, I use to be a Republican and am afraid I am so far left now that I can't see another point. I find it ironic that the so called "christian" right is so ready to to do so much wrong!

Great post!


Eek, it's me, a member of the choir.
Adding insult to injury, that woman gives pitbulls a bad name.
Not to mention lipstick and hockey moms.


I've been following your blog (and your amazing photography) for some time but this post has inspired me to de-lurk, if only to second what you have written.

My wife and I have been watching this election campaign with heavy hearts as we feel it will be a photo finish. I fear for America. We have forgotten what made us great as a nation... that we were always more than the sum of our parts. That our differences were what made us stronger. America was the land of the mutt, not the purebred.

As the cameras panned across the crowd at the the Republican convention I saw the armies of narrow mindedness and homogenization rise up and re-group and I suddenly felt very cold.


Oh there are so many points I agree with here. I don't even live in the US anymore and I'm biting my nails until the finish. I've applied for my absentee ballot to be sent, I've armed myself against the so-called Republicans (they are neo-cons; true Republicans don't interfere with citizens' lives) and my pen is in hand.

I cannot fathom a world where the crappy guys win again. I am so scared, too.


I wrote a similar post. Mine was in response to some Republican bitch who was attacking people in comments on other people's blogs and also on her own. People like that piss me off.


"Interesting point, but WHY does the left feel wrong and scary to Republicans? "

I have posted my opinions in liberal com boxes before, particularly at Cecily's but other blogs as well. What scares me and feels wrong to me is the REACTION those ideas, (given in a respectful, calm manner and tone)generate and the hostile and vicious remarks that I have received for them. My side bar is a very, very toned down example of some of the horrible things people have said to me for being a conservative Christian. One of the wost involved someone I just met in a com box threaten to turn me into CPS for being on the computer and "neglecting" my kids.

So from my perspective, to be so overrun just for writing my opinions and ideas on the internet and then being so maligned for it, doesn't exactly make me want to put the other side in power where perhaps some real damage could be done to me and my family in real life.

I'll be interested to see how this comment gets received.


Brilliant - I agree with you 100%. My husband and I are very liberal and very left and we were talking about the difference. To me, it seems like most liberals and democrats are more about living their own lives the way that they want to and letting others do the same. To be a conservative and/or Republican seems to mean getting everyone to believe the same thing that you do. I don't care that my neighbor goes to church several times a week but for some reason she is very concerned that I don't. That kind of stuff. Anyway, just my two cents.
I fully support Obama and I fully support your right to rant. :)


Sarah, don't hate me.... It's really hard to talk about politics. The left can be just as intolerant as the right and I am saying this as a democrat who does not support Obama but would love to be able to believe in what everyone else seems to. This doesn't mean I like McCain. Still, friends and family who support Obama seem to want to torch me for questioning his ethics, Chicago background and his readiness to be President. Honestly, I FEAR discussing politics. It's hard to be yelled at all the time. BTW, I strongly supported Hillary but my reasons for not supporting Obama have very, very little to do with sexism!


I hate politics and this campaign has done little to inspire me. But I just saw this: and it got me a little fired up.


i hear you! and i second that emotion - every single one of 'em. i shake with anger and i think it's no coincidence that i have heart palpitations now. but still...


I don't agree with you at all. I would list the legion of topics where we would disagree, but it would fall on deaf ears. Surround yourself with people who think differently than you and see what changes. Living in an echo chamber must be boring.

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