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Friday, June 06, 2008


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I'm sure that to your eyes those photos are horrific, but really, you are lovely. We ALL (I'm guilty of this 10000%) find plenty to deplore in our own bodies. How is it then that to our friends we look just fine? And they look fine to us? Getting toned and eating healthier are wonderful goals in and of themselves, but know that you look great.


Hmm funny, I too am 5'9" and kind of have struggled in the same weight range as you. I've gone from 135 in high school (anorexic-looking twig even though I ate Taco Bell and ice cream sundaes practically every day) to 165 at my booziest and heaviest (drinking four beers a night does nothing for one's metabolism), then back down to 140 in periods of major emotional upheaval, and now I'm at about 155. I'm fairly happy at this weight but, like you, 145 is my goal weight.

The thing that is hard about being so tall is that when you tell other girls/women how much you weigh, they don't even try to hide their shock. I'm like "BUT I'M TALL!!! IT'S OK!" Heh. Good luck to you!


my god, there is nothing worse than a husband who says just the right thing at precisely the right moment. i mean, nothing better.

i am off to give overdue compliments to people who have long deserved them. thanks for the reminder, hot stuff.

Heather E

God Bless honey!
Be sure that you and the hubs start taking niacin suppliements. Do not get the No Flush Niacin, as it doesn't work properly. Regular niacin flushes the fat and plaque out of your arteries that the cigs put there all of those years of smoking.


I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished. You quit smoking. That is so awesome. You are a strong person, you will do this, too.

As for seeing ourselves the way others see us, I was told at TC once that I was so "tiny" and someone else said, "I mean this in the most positive way--you are not that fat." She meant that my view of myself and what every one else sees is entirely different. My husband, too, finds me beautiful and sexy. And he knew me when I weighed 105lbs. Of course that was in high school, but still.


You go girl!! Cheering you on from the sidelines!

Although really you don't look like me - saggy - not good(although my boobs are ok - the rest is sad).


Wow - Sarah, pardon me for being presumptive, but... You look like me! I also have the no-junk-in-the-trunk thing. :) It is amazing to see someone with a body shape so similar to mine...!

I am also trying to lose weight and it's really, really hard. :( I will think about you and encourage you while I hit the treadmill and pass up the chocolate mousse. :)

(PS I have discovered that Roxy jeans are the temporary answer to my figure.) :)


@Jenn Thanks, Sweets. We are our own worst enemies, it's true. I want to be toned and fit. I want to be STRONGER, mostly. It's going well, too!

@Lisa You told people your weight?!? :-)

@Brandon That totally made my day. Thank you. I do try to give out compliments as often as possible. To strangers, too! It is a good way to spread joy, let me tell ya.

@Heather Thank you! Naicin, eh? Have to look into that!

@Shelli I love you, Woman. And you were totally tiny in person. And totally sexy, too, especially when you were all drunk and hanging on me. LOL! xo

@Coral Thank you!! xo

@Jennis Bahahaha! You know, I never thought it was an issue or a problem for me. I've always been complimented on my ass. This is definitely not a flattering angle. LOL. I'm totally obsessing about it now, dammmit.


But don't forget, quitting smoking is a big deal, and still relatively new, and probably way more important to your long-term health than losing 15 pounds right now. Will it be too much to try and sustain the no-smoking and deprive yourself foodwise? Maybe one thing at a time.

I'd kill to look like you, believe me.


That belly looks like some serious bloat rather than just fat. A few weeks of eating right and that will go right down.


Aw didn't mean to foster any insecurities! :) I think you look fabulous! And us tiny-assed girls got to stick together. :)


I have much farther to go than you, Sarah, and yet you totally added to my inspiration today with your bravery. Thank you!

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