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Monday, May 05, 2008


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i was so happy to see you again, sarah, even though we both seem to suffer from social retardation syndrome.


a) Did you show up? b) Did you have fun? c) The rest doesn't matter.

Every year I regret not being able to spend as much time as I'd like with everyone... and this year I'm incredibly sad to say that I didn't even get to meet all the attendees let alone spend time with them, but that just gives me reason to organize another one.

I'm so happy that you came and let me give you a sexy brainy tattoo. And eventually there will be another TC:Chicago, so you'll have another reason to visit this fair city! Thanks for coming and bringing your pals and making the event a success!


I am sad that to learn that the whole "I am so very hip and trendy vibe" I was radiating was too weak to register on you, because I was working so VERY hard at being hip and trendy!


So glad to have met you!


I love you. I was so happy to see you and meet you and wonder at your wonderfulness. I have a good picture of us on my cell phone. I will get it up on the TC group Flickr thing.


I am so proud of you for making it 3 weeks Sarah. You rock!


Wow, you got to meet me "finally"? I kept seeing you around and worked hard to get up my nerve to introduce myself, truly. I don't think I was even aware you had a blog until today. I've always seen you on Flickr and, yeah, I've always been in awe of your mad photo skills like you wouldn't believe. When you said, "Yeah, aren't you the guy who uploads photos only sporadically?" I was surprised you even knew who I was. You were one of my first Flickr contacts, if I'm not mistaken. Now that I have you in my feedreader, look out!

I don't know jack about F-stops or apertures or shutter speeds. My method of photography is to shoot a shitload of photos and hope that a handful come out well.

Wish I'd spent more time with you, that's for sure. Won't be a mistake I repeat next time, and I hope there will be a next time.


Oh, and hurrah for quitting smoking! I'm planning to quit very soon, but couldn't have made it through TequilaCon without smoking. You rock.


@Kat! I was happy to see you too. I wish I had used some fucking foresight, though. I could have hung out and been a tour guide and stuff.

@Jenny a)yes, b)Not as much as I could have if I had made more of an effort. We reap what we sow, in other words, and I know there is a difference between you who tried to meet everyone but didn't and me, who didn't really try. I love you for trying to make it okay, though. xo

@Dave2 Oh, YOU radiated that vibe in spades dude! I was talking about the PLACE. I was totally intimidated by you. :-)

@Shelli I love you too. I should have forced myself on your group for dinner the night before...see how many folks I would have met? Then I would have been all cool the night of the event. :D

@Amy Thanks, sweets!

@Karl Dude, you made me feel so awesome acting like I was some sort of celebrity. Seriously. It made my night. Because I'm pretty sure I will never fully shed the 'I'm such a loser' label that was plastered on me from 4th grade through high school even though so many things have changed since then. I am a big dork, ultimately.
I knew you from your blog back in the day, when Brandon had a more public blog and comment orgies were an every day occurrence there. Then you commented on my pics through Jillwrites, I think. So yeah, I remember you, silly! I'm sure we'll get a next time to hang out (BlogHer!)

Thanks for the congrats. Let me know when you quit and I'll cheer you on.


I would totally vote for it to be in Chicago next year (I would be a shoe-in) and, if I had been able to make it this would have been glued to your seat with me in your lap.

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