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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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omg ! I am laughing out loud here...... constipation! I know exactly what you mean. When I qut.... yup... it was like my bowels quit too. I cut waaaay back on coffee intake because I didnt seem to enjoy it much without half a pack of smokes every morning. I think it's great that you are doing a video recap of this.... I'll enjoy watching it. Yesterday, someone commented about having bubbles to blow when you wanted a smoke. I thought that was a fun and good idea.... with the added benfit of making you and everyone else smile. I also found that when I wanted a smoke, if I went and brushed my teeth, it took the feeling away. The best part for me was when a half a day would go by and suddenly I'd be surprised to realize that I had not even thought of a smoke in that long of a time. I also carried a half pack of smokes in my purse for a looooong time when I quit. I hated that feeling of wanting a smoke and not having one to have. This way, I could want a smoke, know I have them and CHOOSE not to smoke. Made the panicy feeling not so strong.


So proud of you, Sarah! Those first 48 hours have got to be the toughest. If you can make it through that, you can do anything.


God Bless you, honey! I know this is as hard as any of the other addictions you have conquered. I am praying for you.


you are so brave to video tape yourself while you are trying to quit -- keep up the good work!


Yay for you! quitting smoking was super hard. I found myself frequenting places I COULDN'T smoke and setting up my schedule so I didn't have time between things to smoke. I also did the brush my teeth thing mentioned above. (my grandmother did the pack of smokes in the freezer so she made a conscious decision not to have one. They are still in her freezer, probably more than 15 years later?!). I also did some meditation, just by myself and had enough projects that were easy to pick up that kept my hands busy! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, you are strong enough to conquer smoking!


You go, girl!!!!

Not a smoker, but I agree with you on the stopping coffee and where you end up. My suggestions are drinking a cold bottle of water quickly when you first wake up, and add some fiber. I went with Raisin Bran but your mileage may vary. ;o)

This spring will be a wonderful time of renewal for you; good positive thinking about the timing and the wonderful fragrances. Get back to us on what you think of lilacs with your new nose!!!

just another jenny

I read the easy way to quit smoking June 2&3rd 2003 and the evening of the 3rd was the last cig I've ever had. Almost 5yrs with nothing but reading that book. You can do. Hell, you've done it! You are a non-smoker! Yeah you!


Day 4 (again) and I swear I pooped 4 days worth this morning. You're welcome ;) I feel a hell of a lot better though as you can well imagine.

Keep fighting the good fight!

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