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Monday, April 07, 2008


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Angela Campbell

My goal for this spring is to spend my time doing things that are healthy and productive rather than drinking/lazing. My friend Katie & I are both taking the entire month of May off from work (It's very slow then and we wouldnt really be working anyways)
SO I am looking forward to swimming, eating well, riding my bike and longboard and walking my dog!!
All the best in finding motivation to clean! :)


Clean your house, woman! Hee! :)

Well, our house is already pretty clean, but I WOULD like to continue to de-clutter it to the point where we don't have anything extraneous that we don't need/want in the house. I made a good dent this weekend and now I have a goal - Julian's friend Francois is coming to stay with us at the end of April for 2 weeks and I want the house to be done before then. It helps to have a deadline!

Also, we want to learn how to use our new camera! We'll ask you for tips. :)


My goals for this Autumn [ ;-)) ]
are to clean upstairs every other Saturday and downstairs every other Saturday. Because currently I am getting exhausted doing it all on Sat / Sun! (It is a big house - 4 beds 2 baths, 3 loos) But the ironing must be done on Sundays. That suits me!


I'm the same way, the decluttering and need to suck the dust bunnies off the ceiling fan is long overdue. My goal for the spring is to rent a dumpster and clean out the garage, get rid of some aging electronics that I can't seem to let go of, and go through old toys and clothes to give to goodwill. I also want to upgrade my bike and get a kid cart on the back and take my kids to the park more often. Can't wait for warm weather!


To have my stinky niece & co. come to visit, so we can have love and also beat her severely about the head and shoulders.
No personal invitation to TequilaCon.
No heads up about photos being published.(I found out from JOEL)
Never calls when in my neighborhood.


Exactly the same here. Since everyone I work with works from home, and since I have a conference table they come over here a few times a week so we can crank through issues. Thank god, if they don't come over for a few weeks the place is a disaster. This was the good thing about living on the small sailboat - it was never more than a 1 minute cleanup.


This Spring? My #1 priority is to actually survive through it, but aside from that, what I'd really like to accomplish is to successfully STOP blogging at the one site I've been publicly blogging at and more fully focus on my (more recently opened to the public) story/blog project.

I hope that we both can achieve our goals. :)

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