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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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ha! clearly you understand my difficulty with coming out and saying a thing directly. and the only reason i can't directly state that you are the cause of my blogging retirement is i fear what the guilt might do to you, and hence, OUR CHANCE FOR A FUTURE.

ahh! the sweet relief of confessio amantis!


Brandon, if my recent neglect of guest-post commenting has caused you any reason to think I now longer adore you, know that with this post I love you more than ever before. If that is even possible. You continue to be brilliant. And I'll stop now, because I know how you hate the gushing. But I can't bring myself to faux-insult you today, I adore this post so much.

Sarah, of course I continue to adore you as well. And the blog looks fantastic. And you do, too. So, more naked sp's? Great.


Oh, you played the game so much better than I would. I imagine that if given just three more words I would blurt out, "Son of a...."


Well done Sarah for getting Brandon to write on your blog!

("I *heart* Brandon"... but that's just between us, okay?...)


Oh girlie, we are so alike! One difference, I like being fooled, if it's not mean. The adorable and pithy(yeah, I was smitten too) Brandon is never so.
Confessio amantis; One should never be embarrassed by love that is pure!


jill, i actually don't mind the niceties now that i no longer have to worry about it impacting my blog stats through unintended resentment.

tim, you could economize by just using the acronym 'SOB' and then you'd still have two more words...

don't worry, cesca, your secret is safe with sarah.

pithy is one of my absolutely favorite words. awesome.


Hmmmmm... I don't so much mind "Goodbye" except when it's tied to "Forever". And clearly, "pithy" is NOT one of your absolutely favorite words, or else you'd have chosen it instead of "Goodbye". Because "Forever Pithy" is not nearly so sobering and lonely as "Forever Goodbye". So, I call shenanigans.


WOW! Awesome writing. I have missed both you and Brandon.

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