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Monday, February 19, 2007


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Holy cow, a post! My RSS feed was so excited!

I think I post every four days or so now, and most of my posts are very mundane (or out of control, like today's rant about legos).

It's great to think your blog helped someone, and that's a great reason to keep going, even if you're rarely posting.


Hi Sara,

Yes, keep blogging! Your archives, as you have noticed this week, are so valuable, I can't tell you how many times I've googled a topic and ended up reading someone's 2 years old entries.

But let the blog go will it will. I've never been a blogger but I can relate with the artistic process. If this blog merges into a photo blog with captions, let it go there! Do what your creative spirit wants to do (they are fickle, ya know) and the people will come, (to quote Field of Dreams).


You're right - there are no coincidences. Emily needed you and you needed to hear from her.

Keep up the good work Sarah


You're right - there are no coincidences. Emily needed you and you needed to hear from her.

Keep up the good work Sarah


That was absolutely lovely.


One of your most memorable posts was the one where you and Pete went out to supper with some of his friends and the one was forcing booze on you - it was amazing you kept your temper and I admired you so much for it. So, even if you never post again, that will always stay with me.


I agree. Don't stop blogging, but don't force it either. Go where your creative spirit takes you. It is no coincidence that you got involved in photography either.

Momma Bee

Wow. And I guess it's no coincidence that you wrote this and I read it at a time when I'm trying to figure out the same kinds of things with my blog -- with me, I enjoy the community so much and also would love for my journey to motherhood, frought with miscarriages and heparin injections, to be somehow helpful to someone else out there.

Anyway, I'm rambling. The point is, I'm glad you've decided to stay, I appreciate this perspective and reminder, and I'll enjoy reading your updates when you're up to them, as I enjoy keeping up with your photos on flickr.


Great post, Sarah. I have met some wonderful people through the Internet, too, and not just through flickr... ;) So there is a purpose... just write when you feel like it... we'll be here ;)


Unless you have a personal need to shut down the site, then, yes, even if you do not continue to write at all, do not remove this repository of all of these entries and comments.

Let go of the burden to post at all and know that your site is here for when the desire to post comes about naturally.

As for boring minutiae, believe it or not, one of my first thoughts in response to what you wrote here was, "I wonder what groceries she got."


How about sharing more of your pics on the blog, I would love to see them!


Don't make me beg...

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