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Monday, January 08, 2007


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Not Faint Hearted

I'm here through Neil at Citizen of the Month. Thought I'd say hi. Hi!


yes,oh,yes, i started a blog.
and o-shit-o-shit, i've figured out how boring my life is since i've had to write about it.

I see why the 365 days appeals to you now- no writing, just awesome picture taking!


great new year's resolution. so you know me... we've got acquainted through flickr and i like to come and read about your life :)


It wasn't me..
I didn't do it...
I wasn't even here....
This is my first stop to your place and I hopped over from the link on Jennifer's post.
Now if you could take care of my lurkers...tee hee
Have a wonderful day!


Hi Jeannie! Thanks for saying hello and don’t worry…no comment here is gonna make me shut down. I don’t get people putting stuff on the Internet then worrying about privacy. There is no privacy on the Internet, people! ;-)

Hi Sylvie! Thanks…I will take that under advisement. I really should try to get back to taking photos of something other than myself every once in a while. ;-)

Max! I’m glad you are still here…I have not forgotten you. I have been just awful at communicating on anything but Flickr. I do realize that this makes me suck. ;-)

Not Faint Hearted…thank you for stopping by! I love Neil! And I love him even more now that he linked to me! :D

Heatherg, I’ll be over to your blog this week to tell you how boring you are. ;-)

Thanks San! I love reading about your life as well, and I am pretty much a lurker on your blog, I guess!

Hi Raggedy…thanks for commenting! I swear you were here once before via Brandon…but maybe I’m just remembering you commenting there.


ha, SHE DID IT... sarah responded to us in her comment section :) wohoo! thank you sweetie.


Hi Sarah,

I'm a semi-lurker - I've commented occasionally. I love your photos! I started reading right before you and Pete got married - it's been great to see how the three of you have been doing since.


I'm a lurker - have lurked your blog off and on for quite a while now. I appreciate your "real-ness". Your blog sometimes is so personal, I feel like I would be intruding if I said anything that might take away from your words.

I've lurked Cecily through you too, but felt as if I came in too late in the pregnancy game to comment! Beautiful baby!

Sky Maybe

Delurking. I found your blog through Cecily's and usually check in on you once a week or so. Love the photos, you're a very talented photographer.


well, i'm not exactly a lurker since you kinda know me i'm just usually bad about leaving comments. but i stop by and check on you all the time :) happy de-lurking week though. i think it's nice to find out who those "stats" actually are for a change...

PS: i like the response in the comments - thing. :)


De-lurking. I read you all the time, and probably found YOU via Brandon, too. Or Jill? Who knows. But I've been reading you ever since. Your strength inspires me, and I wish you and yours the greatest 2007 in the history of years.


Hey Sarah! I'm still here! I'm just a bad, bad commenter these days. I'll try to do better.


Hi Bella! Glad you are still reading...I know you've commented a fair amount, actually. ;-)

Jules, thank you for saying hello! And you found Cec through me? That's many of my readers found me through her. Yay me! ;-)

Hi Sky! Thanks for delurking and for the compliment on my photos!

Kim, of course I know you, and no worries...I have become one of the worst commenters around. I read you and hardly ever comment. ;-)

Jennifer, so glad you said hello and I'm really flattered...I honestly had no idea you were reading me like I was reading you. Same wishes for you and yours, Sweetie.

Hi Susan! I'm a bad, bad commenter as well. I'm still reading you too! :D

This De-lurking thing is sooooo much fun! Yay for comments in the double-digits! LOL.


Hi Sarah, I'm Gabby. I don't know if I've commented before or not. I found you via Cecily. I did NaBloPoMo too, and it definitely dried me up. Slowly I'm coming back, though. Could be the new puppy...

Anyway, I love your blog, your photos, your "story." If you ever feel dried up just tell us a funny story! The more embarassing or life-affirming, the better!


Hello. My name is Jon, and I'm a lurker. ;)


*waves* Lurker here. Found you through Cecily long ago, fell in love with your writing, and I've been reading ever since. :)


I'm a sometimes commenter, sometimes lurker!

As a personal prefrence, I love the e-mail responces, but do what is best for you.


Hi, I'm Sharon, and I'm a lurker.
(everyone choruses: Hi Sharon!)

Yet another one of those folks who haven't jumped on the blog wagon because I consider my own life too dull to read about - I'd rather read about you and Cecily and other folks. I call myself a writer, but think that I must be pretty chicken not to put myself out there on a daily basis. I love your writing and your photos - you are very talented.

Seeing as I don't blog, I didn't have anything to do with NaBloPoMo, but I tried NaNoWriMo a couple of years back and I haven't recovered yet. :)

Melissa @ Organized Chaos

Hi Sarah! I'm a regular reader but rarely comment. Of course I found you via Cec. ;) I've been enjoying your Flickr 365 portraits. You're one brave chick!


Girl, you know I'm not lurking - I came by to say that I adore your Day 146 picture - you are positively stunning in it and just looking at it makes me happy.


I'm a lurker, I found your blog after lurking at Brandon's. I don't comment because anything I say always seems naff


Ack! I'm falling behind..sorry.

Hi Gabby, thanks for reading! I'll try to dig up another embarrassing story for you soon, then. ;-)

Hi Jon! Me too!! :0

Hello swultragirl, and thank you!

Hi Jackie! Okay, that's two votes for email responses....though I am doing much better with actually responding if I know folks are looking for it here. ;-)

Hi Sharon! Thanks for the're a writer, you should blog. It doesn't have to be about the day-to-day could just write stories and stuff. I am too much of a coward to try NaNoWriMo. ;-)

Hi Melissa! Thank you!

Jessica! Thank you sweetie...I was proud of that one. I'll be making that my blog photo in a few days, I think. XO

Hi Tobi! Thank you for de-lurking, and no way anything you have to say is any more or less naff than anyone else online. ;-)


Shows how much I pay attention, I didn't even know you had a blog until five seconds ago. Heh!

carrie chan

Hi sarah, i like your stories. Found you thro' cecily. Giving you my lurker wave from Singapore.


Not really a lurker, but what the hey.

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