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Monday, January 08, 2007


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I know I commented at least once, so maybe that doesn't make me a lurker? But mostly I just come and read quietly, because I don't have much to say.

You're not really a slacking blogger. You don't have to be as prolific as you were, it's still nice to come by!

bad penguin

Hello! I lurk here. Sometimes I comment, but mostly I lurk.


Good heavens look at all these folks.
You have forced me out of my lurking of late laziness.


I read, don't comment and love looking at your 365 portraits.


Delurking to say Happy New Year... I enjoy your blog and am facinated by your photographic art and also think your friendship with Cecily is rreally a treasure! Good friends are hard to find.


Sorry so late to respond to the latest...I've not had much time online since Friday morning.

Mac, I didn't know you had one either! :D

Hi Carrie! Thanks for saying hello...I was wondering who was reading from Singapore. ;-)

Hi Menita! I've kinda become one on everyone else's blogs...I hardly ever comment anymore since Flickr took over my life. ;-)

Thank you Kate! You are very forgiving. ;-)

Bad penguin! How could I forget a username like that? :D

Hi Meno! I have a new appreciation for lurking now, I have to say. ;-)

Thank you Melina!

Paulette, thank you. I treasure my friendship with Cecily very much indeed. :D


I just stumbled across your blog because I am systematically but with a decided lack of creepiness working through Asia's blog list, which in effect makes me the shortest duration lurker you've probably ever had.

Amy D.

wow. lotsa lurkers! I still read. I already lost the USB cable for my new digital camera, but I'll see ya on Flickr soon!


Delurking. I have been reading your blog for about a year now. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures with Pete and I always love your photographs.


Hey Sarah---I love the new photo!


Hello, Sarah. I lurk you. (Heh.) Mostly, I just comment on Flickr because I'm already logged in. I lurk you and I love you.


LOL...thank you Roy! There should be a prize for that. "Shortest Duration Lurker"! Of course, we shall see if you continue to comment, of if you slink into obscurity like so many others. ;-)

Hi Amy! :D

Chrissy, thank you for saying hello!

Thanks Susan! A comment about it in the new post about to get published. ;-)

Oh Jill, I lurk you too and love you! And you know I comment mostly on Flickr with you as well, but I still read your beautiful words. xo


Drat, I missed delurk day. Oh well, I shall do it now. I have commented though so not sure I count ;)

I think responding to answers or comments in your comment box is preferable personally. Because then we ALL get to hear the answers/explanation. Just my two cents. Love your photography, inspiring!


Hey, just passing! Cool website you got here! Really good photgraphy well done! i love photgraphy as well but never been able to do that sort of thing!

Janie x

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