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Monday, January 08, 2007


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Sassy Belle

hi! i've been reading your site for a while! i found you through Cecily, whom i found through Karen, whom i found through... heck if i know how i got plugged into this whole infertility thing. i'm still a single girl in college!

anyyyyways, i love your blog and i love looking at your pictures over on flickr!


I am here spying as usual. Reading. Rarely commenting. I have missed your writing!!!


I'm a lurker, too. I found you through Cecily, and her through Shanrda, and her through random wanderings back during the diary-x days. I have a personal "journal" and also just started on for my new community. I definitely keep your blog attitude in mind when I do my community blog - I guess my personal blog is bit bland. :)

Anyway, hi!


I'm here. But you probably knew that.


I don't know if I'm considered a lurker or not. I guess I am, because I rarely comment on your blog... but that's because *someone* got me hooked on this 365 Days thing on Flickr with her lovely inspirational self-portraits! :)


I read ya--I started around the time you were anxious about Pete's paperwork being finished in time for your wedding. I'm sad that you don't post as often as before NaBloPoMo, but I'm the same way now, too.


I suppose I'm a lurker. I'm ashamed, lol. I found your site through Cecily's which seems to be a common thread amongst your lurkers.


What's up, woman? I'm no lurker, I just wanted to force you to comment TO ME out in public where everyone can see! :) :) :)

XO Love you.


Hi Sarah! I'm a lurker too, mostly because I never really have anything that interesting to say - much like my blog :p

Love your photos, I'm dreaming of getting one of those fancy schmancy cameras one day... you know, the ones that actually take the damn picture when you click the button, and not 10 seconds later? Yeah.


Im no lurker.
I am way to opinionated not to comment. lol

And i dunno how i got to where i i read all kinds of blogs. I read infertility blogs/gay&lesbian blogs/blogs about being vegan/some of movie reviews/big city (NY) blogs.....

And here is me:
Small town, married for the second time, eats meat, hell, we hunt and kill some of our meat, Havent been to a theater in about 2 years, we've got 4 kids and Someone just said something about a 2 story target, of which I dont shop at target, much less seen a 2 story store like that in all my life. lol

I dont understand me. lol
I found you through Cec, of course. I like to see how the other half


Ooh! This delurking thing is fun! :D
Hello Sassy Belle, and thanks for the compliments!

Aaaaahhhhh! I know who you are! :D
I know, I really should write more often. I'm glad you're reading even if you hardly ever comment. xo

Hello Jessika! I just took a look at your blog and it didn't seem bland at all, silly.

Meira, I had hoped so anyway. ;-)

Katie, I'm glad you're here too, and really glad you got hooked on the 365 bandwagon. Isn't it so much fun?! :D

Hi Cyl! You comment sometimes, I remember. :-) I am going to try to do better...need to revamp this thing. I won't be doing every day, but some sort of regularity would be good. It helps to hear people actually read. LOL.

Hi Caitlin! You are the third Caitlin that I now know reads this...don't be ashamed. I do my fair share of lurking, too. :D

Catherine, my lovely lady! Here I am commenting back to public! :D Love you too. XO

Hi Tory! Thanks for saying hello, and glad you enjoy the photos! It is lovely to have a camera that actually shoots what I see, yes. The older models are getting more and more affordable, and are still awesome, as they come out with newer ones. The Nikon D50 is a great starter SLR, I've heard.

Heatherg! You are a loyal commenter, for certain, and I really appreciate it! You crack me up. ;-)


Oh, and Heatherg, you started a BLOG???!!!

Holy shit, what is the world coming to??


Hey Sarah! I am a luker by nature but Cecily (which is,of course, how I found you) actually made me start posting to blogs, so I guess I have lost a bit of my street cred as a luker. In any case, I don't comment much but I am always reading and I love looking at your pictures!

I also love your daughter's spunk. She is a really cool kid (with a really cool name, wink!)

PS: We just bought a Nikon D50 and it is a really good camera! Love it!


Hello there, Ms. Sarah! You know I'm out here. I'm the person that goes to your shows and stands in the back near the sound booth.


P.S. I wouldn't call myself a lurker, however. I do leave comments just not that often. Besides, your blog is one of the few I still do check.


I'm here!!! Not always able to post but I will be getting my internet at home so I'll be able to get back on it read your comments in the comment section, but I do prefer you to email me your response. Sorry so needy, but things are about to change with internet at home.


Hey! I read, usually via the feeds... I leave comments, just not often...


I'm not a lurker, but I want to warn new readers of this blog that if they come here too often, they might be tempted to put a tattoo of "Sarah is Hot" on their chest, like I did last week at a tattoo parlor in Amsterdam.


I'm not quite a lurker, more of a very rare commenter. I wish bloglines made it easy to comment. I've really enjoyed the 365 pictures that you've periodically posted on your blog.


Heh girl! Not a lurker here - loved your blog since the beginning. Looks like you've got a bandwagon now!! ;-)!!!


Hi ... I always enjoy your comments on mihow's blog and I've been lurking here for ages.


Hi Libby! Thanks for coming out to comment despite your lurker nature. ;-)

Hi Michele! Yeah, I'm that way most of the time on your site, until someone makes me mad. LOL.

Hi Kim! Okay, one vote for emailing...nobody else has weighed in on this, actually. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hi Spacemom! Good to know you haven't given up on me. ;-)

LOL Neil...I love you. You must send a picture of the tattoo to me, okay? ;-)

Hi Christa! Thanks for reading and for commenting whenever you can. :D

Heather, my loyal Heather! Thanks Sweetie. xo

Charlie! I love your comments on Michele's site! I had no idea you read me! *blushing* Thanks so much for letting me know.


I am of the occasional comment here and there variety - but be warned, I think one guy shut down his blog once after I commented - I thought I was trying to be supportive and friendly but he was a little paranoid that real life and other people would discover him - which is curious, as why have a blog if you don't want people reading?


Hey Sarah, nice to read your posts, as always, and to see your pictures. You should do a walk around your neighborhood with a camera (i.e. my childhood neighborhood) and do some pics of stores, parks, delis, houses, railroad stations, signs that have been there for years. Would be fun to see from your perspective!


I'm still here, Sarah.

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