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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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This new pic of you is the BEST EVER. I just had to say it.


At first i tried to answer people using e-mail. But not everyone left an e-mail address. So i switched to answering in the comments. Do whatever works for you.

shake your $ maker

Love the new black & white photo!!!
I saw Shield too & enjoyed it.
It you ever get desperate for money, you could always pose nude. Oh wait, you already do that... hee hee hee!!!


I love the new photo Sarah!


I like the answers in the comments! But I think you knew that. :)


Thank you Celeste!

Thanks Meno..yeah, I've hit 'reply' to people and had it bounce back sometimes before realizing there was no email address. ;-)

LOL @ Money maker...great anon name! ;-) And your comment cracked me up. Thank you! xo

Thank you Sheri!

I did, in fact, know that about you Catherine. ;-) xo


Beware, btw-- the second season of Battlestar is split up into 2.0 and 2.5. Just so you know. :)


I'm sorry I should have said Hi last week.
I'm kerri, in Melbourne Australia. I come to you via Cecily every couple of days to look at your beautiful photography.
Cecily and I have babies at a similar age mine born 5/5/06 and I suffered with HIP and pre eclampsia like she did.
I do think your new Pic of yourself is gorgeous!


YES, I love the new pic, too... but you know that already because I told you on Flickr!


Love the pic!! Really gorgeous! Comments - email makes me feel more special!! Otherwise I have to go back to your site, reload and read down.



I never delurked, but will now. I have to say, that's a gorgeous picture of you. The best one yet, you look like so pretty.


Cec, I did know that...weird way of doing it, but whatever. Some jerk refuses to return that first DVD. We are going to go to the video store to rent it tomorrow if we have to. ;-)

Hi Kerri! Thank you for saying hello!

Thank you San! xo

Thanks Coral! Okay, another vote for e-mail...I'm still not decided yet.

Thank you so much Ruby for saying hello and for the lovely compliment!


I'm delurking a week late to say that I really enjoy your writing. Your posts often remind me of my favorite show-- Gilmore Girls. I highly recommend watching some of the earlier seasons if you haven't already.


Wow, thank you Katie!
I've seen an episode or two of that show and have only heard good things about it. I think we'll put it on our list of TV shows to rent and binge out on.

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