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Thursday, January 04, 2007


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Lisa O

Happy New Year! I haven't commented in awhile but read all of the time. I hope 2007 is wonderful for you and your family.


Congrats on the new opportunity!!
It's always great when you get a referral like that. My husband does graphic design, and all of our business comes this way.
Happy New Year!


That sounds like a wonderful start into the new year to me :)


Sarah, I have to say that I'm not a real big fan of Flikr like a lot of people are, for some reason that particular bug hasn't bit me yet (and I actually love photography), but ... there is a compliment in here somewhere, I promise ... I find myself coming back to your site just to look at your 365 updates on Flikr. You are so good! I've enjoyed watching your photography eye change over the months and you've really done some magnificent stuff. If only I were so brave! Anyway, I don't comment on Flikr so I wanted to say it here. Good job!


RE "find another way to make money" - If he can do web design I need designers fairly often. If he'd be interested I need a portfolio (preferably online) that I could show potential clients (I seldom choose the designer but generally find the clients and the work and give them an option: "these are the designers I work with - pick one"). We can generally pay $1500 per layout (unless it's a big fish like starbucks, microsoft, etc.) with most sites requiring 2-3 layouts. If he can do logo work that'd also be a huge help.

I'm also working on/with a few startups if he'd be interested in doing something for a cut of potential profits later on.


Happy new year - always nice to start out a new year on a promising note. We are hoping to have a good year too - certainly the arrival of a new baby will help with that! But I hear ya on the money stuff. I hope it's not too tough for all of us this year!


I SOOO hope that new opportunity works out for you and Pete! Awesome!!!


Well, it's national de-lurking week, so here I am. ;-)

I love flickr (my acct name is saucyg1rl).

I'm about to start the 365 project. I should have started on 1 January, but well, that would have required planning on my part.

I'm glad to hear your year started out so good. My year started out well also, I hope it continues to go well.

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