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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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What a P.I.T.A. ... I hope things will get sorted out tomorrow. My fingers are crossed. Dealing with insurance is the worst.


I can not believe I am saying this but, I am glad E insisted on checking on what they wrote. I had to go to a periodontist for gum grafting (they lasered a piece of the roof of my mouth off & sewed it to my bottom gum b/c it was severly declining around one tooth & they cut some extra skin from my lip to my gum). I have insurance & checked w/ my insurance co. who said it was covered via phone. Then it ended up not covered. The nice periodontist lowered the price for me after hearing about this & were very nice. But it still was still a large chunk of $ from my pocket.


Ugh- what a pain. I have a great dentist if you need a recommendation.


I don't really understand. Why would a cross bite automatically be considered a harmful habit? How the hell would they know? Couldn't it be a natural occurance?


I feel like I've been on the phone all! day, too. And it's lame, I agree. And the attitude they gave you? Also (doubly) lame. I will never understand why people who work in customer service are rude. I mean, I get it. I worked in customer service for THREE years, and people are not always easy to "deal with," but hey, if you hate your job, and also, if you hate dealing with people? QUIT. There are plenty of non-talking-to-people jobs out there. Like say, in Antarctica.
; )

Hope it all works out, babe.


just a suggestion, but i think that if you really like the dentist you should perhaps comment to the dentist that his office staff was rude to you. please don't forget that you are the customer and you are providing their office with a lot of money whether through the insurance company or you credit card. you are a paying customer and should be treated with respect. just my two cents. i'm infuriated that they weren't more helpful.


I am finding myself so angry and upset on your behalf! I absolutely cannot stand it when health practitioners and their offices do this. It is indeed extremely frustrating when they do not handle paperwork and records appropriately and fail to understand the consequences to the patients. And it is not rare.

Yes, information should be submitted properly and fully in the first place. When coverage is denied after the original submission, the problem should be examined before the patient is asked for payment.

I'm glad you all did in fact investigate further and are working to get accurate information to the insurance company.

If the reason for this device is something that the insurance does cover, the dentist should make sure to submit the pertinent information. This does not deserve any less attention simply because you've already provided payment.

Perhaps you can write a letter to the dentist to let him know about both the long-time appreciation and all the recent aggravation.


Good for you! I know you kept it pleasant and respectful. It's amazing what a Mom will do for her kiddo, isn't it? I'll talk to STRANGERS so that Jake has someone to play with.


OH, god, that sucks. I hate that shit.


I Love you girls


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