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Monday, October 09, 2006


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YES. You are truly an inspiration. I know I said it on your Flickr site too, but congratulations. I don't know you except through your blog and your photos, but I feel proud of you anyway. And yes, it may be inconceivable, but I get your movie reference... ;)

Lisa O

Happy Anniversary Sarah ! You are truly amazing. Have an awesome day.


Your story is so incredibly moving, Sar. So poignent. You are such an amazing person, and such a beautiful woman. I'm so glad for your second chance. So grateful for you, and for your friendship. Hugs to you this day, and always, amen.

(Oh, and also: "Is this a kissing book?" )


I got the movie reference. One of my favorites.

Anyway, congratulations.


Wow. That picture is powerful. It makes me want to cry, actually. Sobriety is a fucking miracle. Congratulations.


As I said to you on the phone, I remember, but I didn't remember if you know what I mean. Geez.

Congrats, honey. So proud of you!


Congrats on 4,017 days of miracles. I thank HP for people like you. Have a fabulous day!


As I said on flickr - I out of word. I'm glad you're here even though I don't know you.


bad penguin

Congratulations on 11 years sobriety. That photo is so dramatic -- you're so obviously a different person.

* Princess Bride! I love that movie.


Wow- You looked like shit back then! Im so happy to see the beauty you are today!

Of course you know your awesome...

and I went through your 365 days photos.. you are one hot sezzy momma!


Thanks for sharing. You're beautiful photo is an inspiration. You look lovely.


Congrats, Sarah. Amazing transformation.


YEAH!!!! Congrats!!!!! That is great, and here's to another 11 years.

Right now in my life I hope my dad, gets in and stays sober.

It's a great thing to celebrate.



That photo is unbelievable. Thank God you are where you are now. See you Wednesday?


I didn't get the reference until the comment about the "kissing book." Funny, I just added a "Love & Mawwage" category to my blog. Gotta love that movie for all its pop culture.

As for you, you are incredible. Amazing- I don't know how one recovers from that kind of crap.


Sarah, i've only known you through your blog and through your photos and it hasn't even been a very long time, but i am really proud to get to know you and all i can say is that i think you are an amazing person and beautiful woman. we can all be so very grateful that you've got that second chance in life and turned it into something great!!



Comparing those photos is scary and amazing at the same time. You've come so far - its so totally inspiring. Happy 11th Anniversary girl!


One of my favorite movies, and I totally spaced on the reference. Probably because I am so overcome with happiness for your beautiful new life (which you totally DO deserve, by the way) that I have goosebumps.

Congratulations, Sarah! You truly are one of the most courageous women I have ever "known".


Since starting blogging a year or so ago, I have "met" hundreds of bloggers from all over the world. But few of them have surprised, inspired, and made me laugh more (and of course, wowed me with sexier photos) than yourself.


That picture really does tell the story. My god, you look haunted. I would never have recognized it as you.
I'm glad you stopped.


Sarah -
So sorry to get to this late... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And wow, you did look scary back then. I think I woulda noticed except for the fact I was drunk most of the time.

Funny, I think it took me far longer than you to learn that I wanted to live life. Five years into sobriety before I gave up thinking of suicide the way prisoners think of tunnels.

But we all get here in our own time, don't we.

Thanks for your enduring friendship and kindness. I would be sorely diminished without them.


WOW, now that is one crazy photo. Really scary, especially when viewed right next to the beautiful one from today. Since I didn't know you before you got sober, I can't imagine what those days were like, but your writing has given me a glimpse - also very scary! I am glad you made it through so we could get to know the very cool person that you are!! Congrats on your anniversary.


wow, sarah, you are amazing. congratulations. you are so beautiful.


What make you think you did not deserve a second chance?

That is an amazing and scary picture. I am so happy you have come such a long way. Congratulations.


What makes you think you did not deserve a second chance?

That is an amazing and scary picture. I am so happy you have come such a long way. Congratulations.

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