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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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I have been having trouble writing blog posts as well lately.


Your kid is so great. I thought the video was awesome.


OMG I loved the videos! She is hilarious! I loved the song about the cats, loved it!

Thanks for the laugh!

PS: In exchange I leave you a link to a video of my girl singing her little heart out. Enjoy!


Girls with guitars. Ya gotta love it!


How come it doesnt surprise me that she's a ham?

Hell, i dont have a blog because i fear the pressure of writing. Shit! I feel pressure to comment..... wheres my pills? wheres my pills?



oh my fucking god that was hilarious.


I love the videos -
Your daughter is so funny and cute!

Stop by later to see how much Raymondo loves Amanda B. ;)


Excellent viddy! Like Jewel meets Adam Sandler. Sorta. Funny stuff.

Meira Voirdire

Heeee! S was hysterical!


You are both adorable. Thanks! for posting a video. I feel mostly ridiculous, having suggested we all do it, and then being mostly unable to figure out the great mystery that is YouTube. Silly me. : )



Fabulous. You can let her know that this blogger out there linked to her : )


I've barely been able to post for months... it's driving me nuts! I wish there was an easy cure for a blog slump...

also, HA! too funny!!


Love it! She's darling. Has she been taking guitar lessons long? ;-)


OMG, too funny, those are awesome! You're right about that kid of yours, what a ham!


oh she is so funny! what a personality on that one!

Amanda B.

Thank you soooooo much. :D


She's a TOTAL ham. The girl is going to be on the stage for sure! Totally hilarious.



I am in absolute LOVE with S!!! What an ADORABLE ham she is! I don't mean to CAP and ! everything but I can't seem to stop....I'm going to have to make a road trip simply to meet that girl!


Ha! I love Guitar Girl.


Oh, my God!! She cracks me up. And thank you for sharing those with us. She is adorable.

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