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Monday, August 21, 2006


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My god, that's a cool idea. My brother in law gave me a weird old digital camera that I don't really know how to use, or I'd definitely join in here. I see great therapeutic value.


Wow. Just yesterday I was thinking about how there are so few pictures of me & the kids, and how it's because I don't like pictures of myself. And how in ten years, the few pictures that exist will look great to me, and I will be sad that there aren't more. And I thought that maybe I should make a picture of myself into my desktop, so I can accept myself -- this is my face & my body, it's just like all the other billions of faces & bodies in the world, it is neither horrendous nor spectacular, but it is perfectly ok.

Maybe I'll do this 365 thing, too.


That's such a cool idea!


I am glad that they've ruled out the worst with Charlie. Please keep us posted. My heart sank when I read that. I am praying for them.

I have been thinking about what kind of comment to make on that last post for a while. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to say. I'll just say that I've seen a few bad trips in my day. I'm thankful I've never had one myself.

I honestly think I was far too vigilant with my waking mind to allow certain negative thoughts to ever enter. That is probably what saved me. And then I stopped taking drugs before my guard was down.

Lately I've seen a bunch of people doing the 365 thing but haven't gone to the flickr group. I am considering doing it - it *is* fascinating. I love to see the work of other photographers who take pictures of the same sites throughout the seasons. Seeing the pictures juxtaposed, you really see the changes over a span of time - the quality of light, the lack or abundance of water, creatures, the presence of flora.

I kept a dream journal and drew a picture representing my dreams every morning for a year. This really helped me learn to visualize in abstract ways. Kind of like visual haiku. But I have a real aversion to taking photos of me, which is only partially about thinking I am not terribly photogenic. Partly it's an aversion to the "Hey, look at me!" thing. Even though I do believe that a self portrait is one of the most powerful ways of expressing the human experience. No other creature is so compelled by the face of its own kind as we are. Also, I think I am too private for this. (Ok, go ahead and laugh!)

How funny is it that I wonder what will be revealed on my face without my intention, and yet I don't worry about that with the writing?


I couldn't do it. I do not like any pictures of myself.

I am glad that Charlie is "okay". If you call it that.


Beautiful, Sarah...absolutely beautiful - and not only does it sound like a fabulous idea but the ultimate self-discovery project, too.


That is such a cool idea Sarah! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. It is so interesting that you mention the fact that so many people hate seeing images of themselves. I guess I am different in that regard but I actualy like to see pictures of me. I don't know why but I love what I see (and it is not like I am the most gorgeous person alive or anything), it is not narcissism, it's just what you mentioned: acceptance. I am at peace with what I look like. And I love it that you and others are working towards getting there because it feels rather...nice.


Oy, I started reading about a trip to the ER and got upset thinking it was about the baby. Charlie's blog reassured me. This is a perfect illustration of why it's so urgent to get all the facts, ma'am!
I have a long history of hating my image yet I'm constantly surprised when I look at pictures of myself when I was younger. I was so much better-looking ( and hyper-critical)than I thought I was. What a waste of angst!
Hmm, I wonder if looking at a self-portrait would be different from one seen by other eyes?

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