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Monday, August 07, 2006


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Ten days? That's the longest? Wow. I remember the first time I spent a weekend away from T. I felt oh so strange and empty. Boy THAT was long ago. Now she spends most of every summer away from home and when she comes home, I'm like "that's it? you're back already?"

ok, that's a BIT of an exaggeration, but not much!


If you should so decide, I think your daughter would be the most awesome big sister and that you and Pete already are terrific parents, aunt/uncle, and friends. Good luck whatever your heart/head ends up deciding in that arena.


My mom says that Tori "oozes" love... I think it's true. That's why she inspires such feelings!


So why dont you?
Then new baby and Tori can grow up together etc. etc. ?

Just a thought...........

Nothing lights up a room like a sweet baby, and of course, nothing Darkens a room like my 12 year olds mouth.


do it!!!!!!!!!


Heatherg, i think you answered your first question with your last sentence. :)
Babies become sarcastic 12 year olds. Although the journey is great.


Ooh! Have another! Have another! (she says, never having had a baby and therefore having no idea how much work that entails...)


Before I had my second child, my niece was born and I was astonished by how much love I felt for her. I never thought it was possible to love a child that wasn't from my own flesh as much as I loved her. She is still incredibly special to me.


every time i start to get down on the state of world affairs, i can come back here and see how much capacity for loving others still exists.

when our friends and family ask us when we're having another kid, however, i'm reminded that there are still plenty of evil stares to go around ;)


I love all of S.'s requests...too cute (and I know you'll meet them all!).

I know just what you mean regarding the bittersweetness of seeing your kids grow up (God, do I) - and I particularly remember that 10 was hard for me....I kept thinking, "My son will never be a single digit numbered age again!"


Your daughter would be a kick-ass big sister. And Tori and Polly and J and Real Deal and all the other kidlets could be her posse. Just think about it.
It was great to see you guys this weekend, thank you for your warmth and support!
And about your love for Tori - yes, isn't it amazing, how you can feel that instant affinity and intense love for someone so tiny, and unrelated to you? Sounds like you two are on to something good.


the mother/daughter thing is so truly intense...simply thinking about my relationship with my own mother can bring tears to my eyes. lately i have been feeling a major need to go to my parents house for a little lovin'.


Another! It certainly would be an adventure, wouldn't it? I think S would have a blast with it. How does Pete feel about it?


Wow! Baby thoughts, eh?? I get them every once in awhile, then I think about how much I love the kids they are becoming, how much fun they are right now. Plus, I can't imagine going back to the mess of a person I was back then. But that's just me!

Same question as Catherine- what does Pete think? I think your daughter would love it.

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