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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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My brother is in S. Florida, and i miss him. He is single, no children, and is just now interested in getting married "one day".

It terrifies my mom and I, ( Dad doesnt say much about it) that we may not get to be close to him and his wife, and his children.

I am really close to mom.....
and only speak to brother via email, most of the time. So i completely understand.....

Try to keep in touch with photos and maybe S. can mail some "update letters" and things like that?!


1. Excellent post by Pete.

2. Excellent daughter you have there.

3. Sorry it took me so long to read these last two posts.

4. I cannot believe you already got today's photo's on flicker!


Does it make you a little sad that S is growing up so fast? Bittersweet, isn't it?


Let me know when S is free, I got a toddler for her here.
Your kid is SUCH a rock star.


It's funny, I'm still "young" and don't consider the growing distance between my sister and I any big deal, rationale being that we're both poor and busy. However, I fast forward 10-15 yrs. and how sad it would be if I had nieces and nephews that I didn't know and that didn't know me.


I have one brother with whom i am close and one who i rarely see. They both live nearby so it's puzzling. I'm going to do some thinking about that.

Nice job by S with the kids.


Your daughter is fabulous. Let her know that now that she's freed up some time I have a toddler just for her.


And yes, I know I put that in a previous comment, except now I'm not so sure I'm kidding...


We were very sorry not to be there, we get to see them so rarely as it is. Life sucks, bluuuch. Now that I've finally checked your blog you are gone. Actually, I found out from Marion that you will be in NC. As you will be reading this on your return, I hope your trip was fab! Call me ASAP for you must see and use our newly renovated accomodations which by now should be complete. I miss y'all, don't make me use guilt to see you!

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