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Thursday, July 06, 2006


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there are lots of items on your list that i whole-heartedly agree with, but i'll just say this one thing about 44:

when i was in college, every few weekends or so i'd set up a little card table and some folding chairs in jackson square and put up a sign that said "free advice." SO MUCH FUN. of course, i'm pretty sure the only place in the world that you could do such a thing is pre-katrina new orleans.


I really enjoyed reading this!


Great list, Sarah! I didn't think I could like you any better than I already did. I was wrong!

Amy D.

you rock, Sarah! I love how it's mostly really, drugs, scary movies and porn...crayon colors and flowers and motherhood. awesome!

The Editter

I haven't done one of these either, but may follow your stream-of-consciousness advice. This was great to read!

And re no. 44, how about doing a blog-advice column? You could get us to send in our problems and every so often you do a post tackling a few!


Awesome list. I learned that we have a lot more in common than I already thought we did. You are awesome, Sarah.


I actually did one but I haven't posted it up on my blog yet. Maybe someday I will! Yours was fun to read. I learned lots of stuff about you that I didn't know!


Great list Sarah! So fun to read.


I knew all of that. Except the advice column. You should so do that! like Moxie!


Wow, I loved this. Thank you for being so generous.

I was a loser outcast from 5th to 12th grade.

I sometimes still wear patchouli.

More flan for me!


Terrific list. Especially #51. I'm a huge fan of magical thinking (and my dad had a crush on Lynda Carter so we watched WW alot).


Good stuff! Flan is disgusting and I still don't like tomatoes and mushrooms. Blech.


Nicely done! It seems so daunting..don't know if I have the tenacity right now to achieve that kind of list. (not that you're asking me, just thinking it through...)

I think we feel totally amazed by our own ability to survive the shit we do...and then look back and wonder how. Glad you're here. Thank the universe for loving fathers...Their love is so...sustaining.


So, what is the cover up tattoo covering up?

Thanks for the list. It was fun to read. Maybe i'll be inspired do one too.


wow, that was a big list :D ! It is very nice-finding things in common with somenome you dont even know :P ! I liked your blog generally ! And the 100 list I think I 'll do it myself too but I dont think that I will ever reach 100 :)

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