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Thursday, June 29, 2006


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cabin in the woods? sounds like a dream come true!


Girl- you go on with your bad self!

I go to "Curves" and love it!
I couldnt do pilates if someone stuck a gun in my face!

Halleleja (sp!) to you!


and we go to the cabins in Ellijay, Georgia and Hayesville, NC. If your curious, i can send you the link.......

I want to move there (From Florida) but my hubby is still a titty-baby and his momma is here.

So until her titty falls off or she dies, i'm stuck here......

Have Fun!
I love renting cabins!

Lisa O

Your vaca sounds great !
I feel your pain on the exercise thing - I have every excuse in the book . . .

Just joined Curves too though and am trying to get my butt there twice a week - better than nothing right?
Good luck to you!


You are going to be so close to where I live--are you staying on Skyline Drive? Everything in that area is unbelievably beautiful!!

I bought a treadmill thinking I'd use it way more than I managed to drag my butt to the gym---that treadmill does a really good job of holding my ironing pile!


Only if you ask me every so often if I am have been to the gym lately. We'll keep each other honest.


I really want an elliptical machine - I think I would use it. I still like Carmen Electra's aerobic striptease videos and want to get back into doing those every day. Good for you girl!


haha! We are lviign parallel lives. Pancake says he's in the worst shape as well and we DID take the dog for a 4 mile walk the other night so, that rocks but we too find LOTS of reasons not to exercise. But someday....


Exercise has saved my life. And that sounds dramatic, but i don't get depressed in the winter any more. Try really hard to keep it up. If i go more that 3 days now, i get antsy.



I love Pilates, but now having moved and having a small lounge and tiles and nowhere else I can use my tape....aagh. Plus my men laugh at me, boo! Maybe I should get one on DVD, and put it in the computer (there's carpet there, too)!! Ha, idea! Will put this idea to the 'minister of finance' (my own 'personal' one, not a person), have a feeling he will say, 'not on this budget, doll'!


I love Murakami and I love Pilates.

A peaceful mountain vacation sounds wonderful... sigh. If I can get through today, I can imagine a wonderful day on the beach tomorrow :)

Hope you have a fun and relaxing trip. Take pictures! (My camera is dead so I am not sure if I will be taking any pictures any time soon myself! I will need the pictures of others to tide me over)



ok, i have a tiny weight loss secret. nothing huge or scary or too involved. but it helped me take off a few (ok, 7) pounds a lot more easily than i'd done in the past.

the secret: a heart monitor. wraps around your chest, sends heart-rate to a little watch you wear. a: it's cool. b: if you get yourself into target heart-rate, you can excersize less and burn fat more. meaning, lots of walking and pilates might be nice, but unless your heart is in target zone it will make you healthy but not thinner. plus, watching the monitor, playing with the monitor, etc, makes my dopey little 20 minute walks a lot more interesting.


Wow, the cabin sounds so great!

Can I make a suggestion? Bikes!! What's great is that a) you can start slowly and get as intense as you like and b) this is the best bike area on the east coast!

Also, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog yesterday.


Your vacation sounds great!

And I second Julie's suggestion - biking! The pilates will be great too - especially when the weather is yucky. When I'm good about exercising (which isn't right now!), its usually because I mix it up - do different things to keep it interesting.


Whaw! I'll miss you when you're gone. Tori will miss her paparrazzi.

With your pilates and me dragging my sorry fat ass and Hammer around the neighborhood, we'll be hiking up Mt.Minsi in no time. Heh.


I am very fond of NC. I was born there and have lots of relatives there. But mostly I think it is a beautiful state.

I hope that you have a grand time.


oooh, mountains... with doggies!
I went to school in the mountians about the same distance from the B.R. Parkway, but in N.C. and loved every minute of the 4 years I spent there. And the pup loved it too 'cause we'd just hop in the car and in about 15 minutes, we'd be starting out on a trail where he could romp and explore and I could get my head clear for a few hours.

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