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Friday, May 26, 2006


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I love looking back at photos of our wedding. I bet it's been a lot of fun putting an album together.

Also bats are so cool. I'd love to have some where we live. Maybe I'll put up a bat box and see if it attracts any.


This is so weird...I've had plenty of folks read this entry, but only one comment.
I'm getting paranoid! Did I offend?


Ooh! I got a bat box for Christmas! We're moving, so I haven't put it up yet AND I have to hide the fact from my husband that I have a bat box but I am looking forward to finding a nice secret spot in our new place for bats.

Growing up in the country, our cats found bats the very best prey and brought them indoors frequently - so much commotion with the bats flying our around our downstairs a million miles an hour with the cats leaping up to try to catch them, and my Mom shrieking.

A bat flew into our OFFICE this week.

I didn't realize I had so much to say about bats...


I'll comment so you don't feel paranoid. :) I think most of us may be Cory's opposite: We like reading about bats, especially if you are the one writing about the bats, but when it comes to contributing to a bat discussion, we got nothin'.

I hope your bad mood lifts soon!


no offense. I usually don't make a comment unless i actually have something to say. I'm making an exception for you today! :)

My cats brought me an unliving bat the other day. He/she was so tiny and odd. We see them flying outside our house every evening in the summer. But i can't hear them.

Of course one of my fearsome cats proudly brought me a pair of dirty socks last night. He was using his catty victory cry and was all proud. He seemed a bit miffed that i laughted at him, but then i thanked him nicely for the socks.


Ok, I can't stop.

Sarah, do you read bitch phD? If so, then you probably saw Mr. B's post yesterday about a bat in their house.


I love bats. I think it would be so cool to have a bat box! What a great idea!

Wanna see the album!!!


Wow...I just wrote about bats today too! I don't deal very well with them, I have to admit. I know they're not that dangerous, but still...

And I do know a girl who had one get tangled in her hair.

True story.

Melissa @ Organized Chaos

Bats totally creep me out. Don't even like reading about them, or my sons 'cute' stuffed one. Ick!

Hey just had to ask... are you getting the album made at Shutterfly? I've had my eye on the leather bound books for a while and would love to do 1... or 12 of them! Let us know how it turns out!

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