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Monday, May 22, 2006


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This is a beautiful post. What a trememdous friendship you have. As much as we all love Cecily, we have come to adore you as well. Thanks for sharing with us.


Lovely introduction. I cannot believe it's been so long, a year and a half, since that tragedy brought you to blogging and all of us closer to you. This is looking like such a bright, hopeful spring....

Lisa O

Sarah - I met you through Cecily so I know her story but reading how beautifully you wrote about it here touched me again. Its so obvious that you two are true friends to one another. I agree that this baby will be blessed with wonderful parents but ALSO blessed with YOU in his/her life!

Amy D.

I hardly ever go to church, but I went yesterday and Father Lane gave a wonderful homily about friendship, and how it helps us grow so much by teaching us to relate to people OTHER than ourselves, outside of ourselves, how it helps us know ourselves better.....true beauty! I love being grateful for the good things in life, but if I could only learn to control the happy tears...I cry reading blogs at work, sitting in's getting embarrassing, lol! *smooch*



Lets see some damn pictures!!!


I am so happy and honored to have met you and Cecily.


What a beautiful post! Friendship like you three have is rare and a treasure.Thank you for sharing their story so people can understand how special Cecily and Charlie are. Glad the shower went well. Thank you for hosting the shower.

The Aitch

Do you know any screenwriters? Your history of friendship and the awesome new events about to come would make for a ridiculously good movie.

I love you both (Charlie too) and envy your friendship.


I've been reading Cecily's blog for awhile now, and just making my way over to yours. This post has brought me to tears (not just one or two, but a downpour!). What an amazing, lovely friendship you three share. I'm so glad the shower went well! What a wonderful, wonderful friend you are.


Beautiful post...beautiful friendship!


Sarah, I am so glad that my friend Cecily has you as a friend! Thank you for helping me suprise her with my visit. I really enjoyed meeting you, even though I felt like I already knew you by the time I got there!


Cecily has such a great friend in you.


Girl, I am bawling over here! Dammit...

Thank you so much for all your hard work. No one has ever had a better friend, or a better baby shower!

kerri anne

Sar, you are amazing and I feel proud to know you.

Am so glad Cecily is ok,(Hi! Cecily!) and that no doubt she just had an awesome shower because of you and others who love her deeply. Hooray for healthy babes! Will be praying and sending loves.


This was just beautifully written, Sarah. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to get to know you via your blog, too. You guys are so lucky to have each other.


We are so glad to be part of your community of friends. Just watching you put together the shower on Saturday was even more evidence of how much we already knew you loved them. It was just wonderful. And now excuse me while I ponder the fact that their kid could be coming in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautifully written Sarah, tear in my eye here.


Sarah, as always, you've made it so clear why Cecily, Charlie and you and Pete are such wonderful people. Thank you so much for your words. It's my hope that everyone in this world would have a friend like you. Thank you.


Your friendship with Cecily is enviable. I have always been so impressed with how both of you can be so honest and open and sharing with your lives. You are fortunate to have each other and what a great role model of female friendship you are handing down to your daughters.


im glad you (and cecily) shared this with us - i certainly didnt know all the backstory till now.

sorry sarah! ill update soon! - im worried about being dooced .



you're an awesome friend, and you'll be an awesome friend to their baby, too.


Beautiful, Sarah. I'm crying.

What a wonderful friendship, and I'm just so happy because Cecily and Charlie so deserves this joy.

Amanda B.

I think about Cecily a lot, and I'm going to cry like a toddler when she has the baby. I'm glad she has a friend as special and loving as you are!


Sarah -
You've gone the extra mile (and more) for us. I can't count how often.

Thank you, again, for all of it.


What a beautiful introduction. What a story of growth and courage and love. The story of Cecily and Charlie and their (sober!) journey is very heartening for me.

I used to prepare my mind to be alone all my life, to never get married and never have children, because the risks of making mistakes and risks of loss were so incomprehensibly HUGE to me. I no longer fantasize about being alone all my life, and who knows if I will have children of my own. But I am no longer so afraid of being loved that I refuse to let it happen.

You are so blessed to have one another in your lives.

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