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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


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Amy D.

I want to play!


Kool! I love your choices and your explanations. Did you check out the letter I got on my other blog? It was the letter F from Megan. Funny girl.

kerri anne

Ooh, alphabet games! I am so IN. : )


I'm not playing. Cause you'll give me Q or something evil like that...

Knock. That's the only one I can come up with.


Kwashiorkor, another run over the tongue words.

Yeah, I wanna play, hit me baby (one more time)!!


Can I play too?


Okay, I'll play. ;-)


I wanna play!!


Great list, Sarah, but I have to say that I'm SHOCKED that my favorite person on earth likes Krispy Kremes! They are a staple in St. Louis and my husband keeps saying that they are going to exile me out of the city if I don't start appreciating them.


You should know that the word Kilimanjaro has been plastered to the walls inside my head ever since first reading this. I'll be walking along, minding my own business, and suddenly find myself utterly unable to resist the temptation to shout it out. Makes for an interesting conversation starter at least. The ones that tend to begin with someone within earshot leaning in worriedly and asking, "Are you okay?"


I never really thought about how multifaceted the letter "K" is -- kindness AND kill, Kafka AND Krispy Kreme!


Can't say I like the Krispy Kremes. Although I know when the first one opened in our large geographic area, there was a wait of 45 minutes to get into the shop. Then they ran out.

I'll play :>


God I love Krispy Kreme. I gotta go buy some now that you've blogged about it. Haven' had one for a while.


I'd like a letter, please!
As an aside, my best friend used to date a guy who's family started the Krispy Kreme Empire. It was always fun to go out with them because he'd take us to one of the stores at the end of the night and everyone would get free doughnuts.

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