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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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Sobriety is really stunning sometimes, isn't it? That's exactly how I feel- I've gotten to return back into that fierce strong little girl I used to be.

S. is amazing!


The Jr. Olympics!?! Wow! I'm deathly afraid that my future kids will be athletic. (shiver)

kerri anne

I did track in high school and college, too. : ) The sprints (100 and 200, and 400-sick that they call that a sprint), and javelin. I tried high jumping once and totally feel you on the breaking your back, falling, scary bar mentality. It's crazy, really. I actually watched a boy break his arm doing high jump. Yikes.

Congrats to your daughter! The Junior Olympics are so awesome! (And so are you! High jump or no high jump. : ) )


Your daughter rocks - hockey and jr olympics! Very cool.

And I'm having problems coming up w/ weird stuff too. Hmmm....


I'm so proud of your daughter. Asthma completely robbed me of any ability to be athletic when I was her age, and then by the time decent medications (ie inhalers) came on the market, I was drinking and smoking and no longer cared. I envy her!


I was also in track but not because of my athletic prowess. I joined because my friends did- I didn't even think of the extracurricular brownie points thing. And I sucked, except that I had endurance. So I started out wanting to be a sprinter, but I ended up doing the 2 mile.

Still waiting to hear all your weird things. :)


Athletic? Not me. But I will win any challenge that starts: "Ladies, open your books."


I also had to give up the high jump. I was good at the jump, but I was terrible at the landing. No matter how I tried, I wouldn't land. I'd just stay up there, floating around. Eventually they would disqualify me.

It's good to read about someone in a better place in their life.

Hello, Sarah.


You have trouble walking from one room to another without getting hurt?! I KNEW we were separated at birth!


Dearest, I love you but you are pretty wierd; what about the solitary chocolate thang?


Nothing to fear but fear itself, as they say.

Fear can be poisonous. I guess the secret is to recognize it and grow. My god, how high you can jump if you grow first. Like you, Sarah.


Really nice entry, Sarah. That's what is so great about children when they're very young - they are absolutely fearless.

I guess, like so many things in life, it's all about balance. Being fearless enough to embrace new things, but having enough fear (common sense?) to keep us from doing the really stupid ones.

Amanda B.

It's scary how much your stories remind me of my own experiences. If I wasn't 11 feet tall I would think we were seperated at birth.


OK, S. is officially the coolest kid. The fastest kid in the entire fourth grade? That is so awesome.

Also, particularly in light of the stuff I am going through at work, I really loved what you said about letting fear win. That is my thing that I'm working on now: being courageous EVEN THOUGH I'm scared, and doing the things I'm scared of, even in the face of fear. Still working on it, and inspired by you!

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