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Thursday, March 09, 2006


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Shit, doesnt sound like your gonna have 2 minutes in between school activities today!

Dontcha just hate that, i hafta do that sometimes..... "hurry up, hurry up, we're gonna be late, dont want to be late for the game!" and then at the end of the day, i'm wondering where the hell the last 5 hours went?!

My pops does my taxes. lol
Sign and wait. Gotta love it.

Good luck with the IRS and all your changes. I'm sending you "patience" vibes. lol

Um........ early congrats on a business venture?
How about.....
HOT DAMN! I know its a great idea and cant wait til you get it rollin' !

oh, give C a big ole hug from me, sounds like she needs one. And be sure to let us know when we can "shop and mail"

Meira Voirdire

So I should've recognized the subject of the picture since I used to cross that bridge umpteen times a week, but I didn't. Oh, well.

But it's a really cool picture and I can't wait til we get to incorporate these pictures into The Project. EEEEEeeeeee.


I'm so sorry you have continued to feel so unwell. May a state of good health return to you speedily.

Oy, computers. Thank goodness for your father.

Sounds like a delightful walk. What a good idea. The photos are nice.

Congrats on the advancements in the area of your livelihood. And no foot stabbing now.

Taxes sure can be stressful. Don't forget that if need be, you can file an extension.

I hope that you didn't get too worn out by the running around this afternoon and that S. had fun at her games. Please rest well.


You better schedule in some rest time in order to get rid of your illness. Seriously. If you don't take care of you, you can't take care of anyone else, either.


Wow - BUSY time,eh? Maybe it will get your mind off the creepy crud?? Can't wait to hear about your new project, of course when its out of the vault that is.

Taxes suck ass, especially if the situation is complex, like yours. I'm a CPA and people ask me tax questions all the time. They don't realize that there are different fields you can study in accounting, with Tax being just one of them. I know possibly a little more than the average person because of required classes in college, but not much. ON PURPOSE. I use tax software like everyone else. Hubby actually did the taxes this year ;-).

You did email me for my birthday, woman! And very close if not on the actual day! :-) But thanks for the shout out!!


Tax time does suck, don't it? Sigh. Just think, in our house we have ours AND Charlie's moms! Yeah!

Hope everyone feels better soon... and im me beotch!


I do our taxes....and it takes me DAYS to work up the nerve to put the first figure down. If I had to go interstate, much less international, business or freelance, I would freak. Good luck....


Hi, missed you on Wed. I hope you are well, I am doing okay. Hope to see you soon



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