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Thursday, March 02, 2006


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And I used to think brain cells were overrated!

Glad you found them!


Hee hee hee....holy crap - I just turned 36 last've shown me my future :).


Ha, that's pretty funny. I'm already like that at 33 - it's only going to go downhill from here, apparently. Excuse me, I need to go take some Geritol...


I'll be 42 on Monday and I can assure you that it's only going to get worse. I can't even friggin' remember what I had for supper last night and most of the time I have to literally STOP and ponder very hard to remember the day of the week & the date. I can't tell you how many times I am in a store and stand there with a numb look trying to remember the date before I can write a check. It's pitiful.


Neither my husband nor I ever did drugs, but we're the same way. And while I am in my 30s, poor hubby isn't yet. Yikes. Most often, one of us will go into a room to get something and end up standing there, trying to remember why we're in there.


I thought this was going to be some gross story involving the dogs and the mouse and was reading with my eyes averted (hard to do, but possible).

Glad its just an old age post- I feel much better now.


I'm just gonna give you a good natured "dumbass"

I simply wont mention me putting the bag of chips in the fridge instead of the pantry yesterday, because then i might get a good natured "dumbass" back from you.........


Wait til the day you come home after being out all day and realize you've left the dog out ALL FUCKING DAY.


LOL. Hope you're feeling better today.


If it wasn't for Audrey I would never find the car in the Walmart parking lot.
Last week I took Dad's car to Walmart and when I came out I was looking for my car. I just couldn't find the damn thing. It's fun getting old.

Wait till you start talking to your friends about all your aches and pains.


So they were out all night?! Is that what you mean? I have done that. Funny thing is, the dog went to my one daughter's bedroom window and kept scratching at it until she woke up and then went and let her in. I don't even know how she was smart enough to do such a thing.

I don't think it has to do with drugs. It is about getting old! ;)


Great story. I was also expecting a paw in the mousetrap and am relieved!

I feel your pain. I once lost a very expensive train ticket and searched my apartment upside down. I found it, weeks later, and after it had expired, in a jumbo box of junior mints. In the freezer. Huh?? I still don't know how I did that one!


LOL on the doggies, but I want to know how to get my kids to make me coffee! My oldest is the same age as your daughter and I think it's high time she learn this fine art!


You just need to have the coffee FIRST, then let the dog out...


I like this scene study, Sarah.

(Where are my keys?)

The several little plots were interesting, as was how they intertwined to different degrees.

(Where the fuck are my keys?)

It's neat that your daughter made coffee for you and then you made hot chocolate for her.

(Oh, here they are, in the door. Never mind.)

Thank you for sharing your morning with your readers!


I'll agree with the rest of the commenters... it doesn't take drugs to make you this way.

I'm turning 36 this year, and I'm lucky to remember my pants every day... ah, this is revenge for making fun of my mother's absent-mindedness, isn't it?


you are too funny, all true though. Hi, life is good for me at the moment. I hope to see you on Wed.




How about looking for your glasses for half an hour, only to see them on your face in the mirror?

At age 12.


Amanda B.

Rascally babies. Ours do that on occasion.

The Aitch

OH! I didn't know you had a chocalte labber? I love labs. Anyway..rock on for the coffee service right?

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