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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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Lisa O

UGHH I feel for you. Wish I could help but I don't even have a blog because I haven't the slightest idea how to go about setting one up. Good luck to you though!
That's so cool that there will be another hockey game.


I hate computers!!! But it does give me porn!!!




It's possible your computer was hijacked by spyware. The best free anti-spyware products on the market are Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy. (Unless something new has come out in the past 6 months, it's been a little while since I cleaned a computer.)

This site has the most wonderful support forums I've ever seen:

It's a good place to start looking for information... they include great step-by-step instructions, too.

If you're really stuck and really desperate and you think this all has something to do with spyware, you should download HijackThis and create a log file. (But don't fix anything! Not without carefully reviewing the log file first! You could easily remove stuff you need.) Using the Major Geeks forums and Google, you can go through the Hijack This log file line by line and determine which things are good and which things are bad. Also, you can post your log file to the forums and people will help you.

OK, so that was a lot of information, but I know how frustrating it is when IE slows down and crashes. I've been through this more than once with my PC, my mom's PC, and my brother's laptop.

Good luck! I hope you figure out the problem! (And I really hope defragging will solve it... much easier and less time-consuming.)


the Firefox profile thing is a weird bug - it happened with Mozilla too - but I used to be able to solve it by either shutting down completely or by manually killing it (in Linux) or doing the ctr-alt-del thing in Windows. I don't know that that's related to the other problems you're having.

I agree with the suggestion to run Ad-Aware, which 1) is free and 2) constantly finds things my corporate virus protection misses.

And if you fix it, I would go back to Firefox because MAN is IE a virus magnet. :)

Good luck!

Closet Metro

Its also possible that your hard drive is slowly failing. Make backups of your data onto cd or dvd while you still can.


I use Adaware from and I love it. I try to run the program avery week or so and it always, always, always catches stuff that is slowing down my computer. The Spybot stuff is good too.


What they said-- Noelle and Sheri and Kate. Cause I said it to you Friday. Heh. Worth trying! Ad-aware is free and rocks.


Definitely back up your hard drive as often as you can. I agree that the stuff you're experiencing could be because of spyware, adware or a failing hard drive. Beyond that, I am too tired to speculate. If you need some on site help at some point let me know and I'll see what I can figure out.


I'm thinking as I am reading, do that and everything I thought of, you had already done.

Good job to Kiddo. You are enjoying it in spite of yourself aren't you!



This is what my geeky computer husband does for a living - I'll run it by him and let you know what he says.


hehe... everytime I mention while talking to my mother that my computer runs slow, she always says, "you need to defrag. That will take care of it." Yeah, right.


I'm going to try some of these suggestions too. I've tried several things at home to fix our pc, but nothing has worked. Thanks to your commenters for suggestions :)!


I finally gave up on my PC laptop. I was vigilant about firewalls and spyware and viruse and whatnot, but I couldn't manage to keep my computer safe enough and it finally crapped out on me.

I got a mac. Solved all my problems. :-)

I hope you can get it all working smoothly again. NOthing more frustrating than an uncooperative 'puter.


I've had much more luck and happiness with AVG than Norton. Norton sucks. I would go back to Firefox as soon as you can, all the viruses are written for IE.

And back it ALL up before you try anything drastic.

Good luck! And Nick's comment made me snarf coffee out of my nose.


Alright, i read the comments, and i'm gonna have to cruise on over to Nicks Site. His comments have been so sweet for so long and now he is pro-porn! I think i'm in love.



i have a norton subscription, i use adaware, but the free program that has kept me from more problems than any is sygate.


Was any of this in English? I am such a Luddite.


Sarah, I think defragging is a good idea. I have to agree with Catherine. Norton sucks. You can get a free download from AVG and it's rated one of the top Anti-virus out there. Good luck.

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