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Thursday, February 02, 2006


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Oh goody, I will consider myself tagged since I can't think of anything other than sad stuff to post about lately.

Glad that you are back safe!


ooh! i love being in bed with coffee and cigarettes and toys. could i join you and pete? i'm small. you'll hardly even notice.

that may or may not have come out wrong...


Ah, thank you Brandon. I can always count on you to make me laugh!

Please don't take that the idea of you in bed with Pete and I and toys makes me laugh to mean anything about you as a man
Anyway, we would prefer a woman if we were going to have a third person in bed with us. ;-)


I have already done this one. I was so surprised when I saw that dooce and blurb were doing A MEME! I didn't know that blog gods and goddesses participate in memes. By the way, if you weren't in my friend category on bloglines, you would fall into the blog gods and godesses category, too.

I just wanted to say again that I am sorry about your uncle. I am glad that it was a "good" remembrance of him. I will be thinking of your family during this time of grieving.


I just realized as I re-read my comment--would it be better to be in the blog g and g category or my friend category. I am not sure...don't answer to me. It is just rhetorical.


If I had a blog, I would do your MEME, but hence i am too chicken shit and boring to have a blog, i am unable to participate!

Sorry to hear of the loss in your family (I just got back in town and on my cpu)

I'd like to hear about the ex husband....
Cause i'm just nosy like that.


My condolences on the lost of your Uncle Jack, and to your whole family. May you all find comfort in each other and in your good memories. I hope your eldest aunt and your cousin will be okay.

Doesn't kugel make it onto the list of favorite foods?

Why New Paltz?


Thanks, Max.
Damn...I can't believe I didn't list the kugel! Well, there's just too many foods I love.
I shall file away the 'why New Paltz' question for a future entry. :)


New toy?


Hi, it was good to see you last night.

thinking of you and your family.




It sounds like you had just the right kind of memorial for your Uncle. I'm glad.

New Paltz?? I had cousins there! My dad grew up in Newburgh and my grandparents lived in a mountain community called Cragsmoor since I was born.


May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion.

I'm so terribly sorry for your loss...

(and um, I think Dooce rocks, too!)


Delurking... My four jobs are: taxidermist, baker of fake foods, upholusterer (sp?), and a tree decorator (I'm a member of the tribe, mind you)... seriously.
my thoughts are with your family. so sorry to hear of your loss.


I'm so sorry about the loss of your uncle Jack. I'm glad that your family got to be together to remember the wonderfulness of his life.

And your next entries sound like they will be very interesting! I only know a bit about "husband #1"!


Not sure if you'll see this comment or not, but I saw your 4 TV shows list and had to say that I think "Malcolm in the Middle" is seriously THE FUNNIEST show I've seen in a long time. I still don't watch it when it's on "normally", but my DH and I watch the re-runs every night in bed. They're the craziest family EVER, and I laugh out loud at every episode. Seriously, I'm smiling just thinking about it. =)

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