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Monday, February 20, 2006


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"Refreshed by amphibians"

Gotta love a woman who writes that!


Good for you, Sarah! I hope the kiddo was feeling much better after being alone with her mommy.


Glad things are better today. Frogs & Chinese food- I'll have to try that the next time we're all out of sorts over here.


I too enjoyed the "refreshed by amphibians and nourished by wontons" phrasing.

I'm sorry things were so difficult the other night, Sarah, and happy for you that you were able to make them better. Kudos to you for taking care of your marriage and your child!

Have you and your daughter continued with that letter-writing idea at all? Have you been able to have those weekly mother-daughter dates to any extent?


(Delurking - came over from Cecily) Just wanted to say "Good mom!!" I'm one half of a single mom & daughter family and I really enjoy reading your posts about your relationship with your daughter. (I'm old enough now to appreciate the mom's perspective.)

Glad you had a wonderful day yesterday - isn't it amazing how one day of togetherness can make up for a week of busy/cranky/snarkiness?

And I loved the Waxy Monkey Frog!


I'm glad the rest of the day went well... yeah! Better than my awful lunch, anyway...


Yay! Glad everything worked out and you had some time to spend with S. Eh, the troughs are what make the highs so wonderful, right? :)

Amanda B.

I hope I can be half the Mom that you are one day. I wuv you. :D


And I thought Waxy monkey frog was her new name!
Oh my, I remember it's easier being green than it is being a 10yr old girl. It's never too early for hormones, or drama.
And know dear, living with men can be occasionally frustrating.
Of course, the same is true of women.
It's been too long since we've seen y'all. I'm missing that Monkey frog and the Brit too. Waddabout a visit? You can bring the dogs! RSVP


Glad your house is back to (more) normal.

I loved the Mexican Dumpy Frog.

(who you callin' dumpy??!!)


Sarah - we absolutely have to commisserate on this at TequilaCon; we have SO much in common here!


Thanks for the reminder ... my situation is different, but the advice still rings true. Happily married, 2 kids - but older kid (about to turn 10), by 5 years, gets cranky and out of sorts if I don't remember to have a little one on one time with him every month or so. It's good for us to reconnect - we had 5 years when it was just us, and I think we both still miss having some alone time. Life gets so busy, it's easy to forget. I figure, soon enough, he won't want me within 100 yds. of him, so I better do it while I can!

:::scurrying off to check calendar::::


Sounds like a great day for Mom and daughter. Awesome for recognizing what needed to be done and doing it.

(And your daughter is your clone, btw. And stunning!)


Mexican Dumping Frog. Love that name!

I'm so glad things are back on an even keel at your home.

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