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Friday, December 23, 2005


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You have pics of the pets too........I think thats great!

Try to keep your patience and avoid any violence to the little ole ladies please.


Photoshop is your friend...LOL!


yes the Holiday spirit can not be denied can it? Grumpy people, rude cashiers, everyone busy, rushing and scurrying..... almost makes one wish for a time when things were simpler.

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas Sarah!


Seriously? They sent YOU to pick up the ham?! I don't know if that is funny or insensitive or both.

Your doggy pics are sooo cute. Is that a lab?

Thanks for coming by my site. Happy holidays to you and your family (Cecily and Charlie, too).


No, no...I'm not that Jewish. I mean, it's more an ethnicity than a religion. It's not a religion at all, in fact, for me.
I think it's funny that I pick up the ham, and I go to pick it up because it is my contribution to the awesome dinner Cecily busts her ass to make every year.

Our dogs are 'mutts' and sister! They are mutt kids to mutt parents, so we have no idea what's in there.


I'll trade you- you go spend the holidays with my inlaws and I'll go to Cecily & Charlie's for dinner.

Hope that you, Pete, and S. enjoy your first Christmakkah together.


Happy holidays to you all....I wish you continued happiness and health in the new year. I don't have to wish you lots of good food to eat ... I read Cecily's menu!!! Enjoy every moment of it.


Okay, then, it IS funny. We have a lab mix of some sort and she is the best dog!

I heard what all Cecily is making. Plenty for all of you. Sounds good. Have a great time.


Happy holidays luv, Hope it was filled with all sorts of fun and exciting new experiences!
Luv, Lala


Weird, at my parents on Christmas eve I had a similar rage toward the elderly. . . the supermarket parking lot was jammed and I waiting and waited for this guy to pull out and some old biddy pulled right in through 2 spaces so her car was facing out. She sat there for long long minutes during which I fantasized pounding on her windshield before she finally looked up, saw me, and backed the fuck up. Then inside it was just all shopping carts on the slow jam, old old people strolling through, not a care in the world, not at all as thought it's fucking Christmas EVE and some of is had cooking to do!

There but for the grace of God. . .oh, shit, we're going to be old too someday!


Hi , hope all is well and every one had a nice holiday so far. Talk to you later .



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