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Sunday, October 09, 2005


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what a wonderful post Sarah. You sound so blissfully happy and I couldn't be more thrilled for you. I'm also so thankful today that you've reached this milestone on your road of sobriety and drugfree. I am so proud of you and glad that you had/have the strength continue on with it and be here for your family.... both IRL and in the cyberworld.

Smoochies at ya!


I have to second Sheri's comment.
I was going to say almost the same exact thing.
Congrats! You sound so grand and happy!


Congratulations on your anniversary!

It sounds like you had a great time at your wedding. Looking forward to entry #2, and the pictures! :)


Hey Sarah,

I wish I could have seen you befor hand, I am so happy for you. Thank you for all of your support and love. It so made all that I went through and saw easier.I miss you very much and I will be at the meeting on Tues.Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.




Congrats!!!!! Oh wow! I am so proud of you, what an amazing month it has been! 10 years wholly shit!!

How has the last week or so been, the winding down from all the excitement etc?

Can I please take you out for our "every now and then" breakfast soon?

Amanda B.

I am just so emotional for you, Sarah. You are such a kind and amazing soul. I'm all verklempt!


Ten fucking years. Hard to believe. Congrats again!!! I will be there to celebrate with you tomorrow!



(visiting from Cecily's site)

Congrats on your 10 sober years and on your wedding. You looked fantastic! I loved your dress. May you both grow very old together.


You were so beautiful - I saw the pics on Cecily's blog. I TOTALLY LOVE your dress too! Gorgeous!

I also wanted to wish you Happy Birthday! Wow - 10 years! My husband just celebrated his 4th birthday in August, so I know what an accomplishment your sobriety is!


Congratulations! For the wedding and especially for your ten years. That's an amazing accomplishment. I'm so happy things have gone so well with the wedding and here's to enjoying married life!


Congratulations, Sarah, on your 10 years! The wedding too, of course. You look lovely!


Congratulations on your marriage & your sobriety!!


Wow, Sarah, happy anniversary! Ten years is amazing. I too used for ten years, and at that anniversary, it just felt like I really and truly had turned my life around. Sobriety felt real.

I'll just never forget you as this sad, beautiful girl at the 8th and Bainbridge women's meeting- long long hair and so skinny with an increasingly bigger belly. I wanted you to know how amazing sobriety was going to be, but you looked dubious. I honestly remember the first time I saw you smile. I wanted to see it again and again.

You are a miracle.

Love, Julie


Ok...Julie made me cry. Way too hormonal to be here today obviously!!!

Congrats on both of these major milestones in your life - both completed out of love for self and others. You rock.


Congratulations on 10 years Sarah. You rock!


Hee hee, guilty as charged - I have photos on my computer that I have not uploaded to the Net yet! Bad me! I will start tonight. Congrats on your anniversary - our 6th wedding anniversary is today too - so October 10 is a very important day all around!


hello sweetie!!

congratulations on the 10 year anniversary and again, on the wedding...i keep remembering how you and pete looked at eachother at the wedding, it was all encapsulated in that look for me. and as for the 10 year landmark you have come so far and i love you very much and am forever proud of you.



Congratulations girl!!! 10 years ROCKS! Such strength to get you here - and it sounds like here is pretty amazing. So excited for you (and to hear part II...)


Thanks for your post about the wedding day and for promising to post the professional shots. I confess I am a bit of a wedding freak, thank you for indulging me :)

You looked so beautiful, your dress so unique and your new husband so handsome. I am so very, very happy for you all. And more congratulations in order on your hitting the 10 year mark. You should be VERY proud of yourself my dear.


10 years is such a huge milestone and accomplishment! Congratulations to you.

Loved the wedding recap and can't wait for the rest.

sandy C

Congratulations on both events!

I remember you 10 years ago. You were all eyes. Big haunted/haunting ones. Cecily said something that really scared me -- "I make her eat once a day." I am so glad you survived.


Sarah - the wedding day sounds so amazing and I am so happy for you! I'm also so proud for what you have achieved...for the lessons you've learned and the life you have allowed yourself to have. Good on you, dear.


Congrats Sarah for the wedding and on your 10 years of sobriety! Wow, you're just amazing.

As a gift for both I would like to offer you up a new blog design whenever you are ready!


Sorry I will not see you tonight, But congrats on 10 years.Talk to you soon.



You are beautiful, inside and out. I'm with Sandy, Julie's words are very touching. Congratulations!

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