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Sunday, August 07, 2005


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wonderful post Sarah. We went to an aquarium in Kentucky once that had one of those shark tanks and it was so neat! This place also herded the people along through a pre-determined path that ended in the gift shop where my daughter threatened to blow a gasket if she couldn't get a $12.95 stuffed seal, a $2.95 pinwheel and a t-shirt that cost God I can't remember how much.

Neat pictures! I love the blue water... very refreshing looking!


Hi Sarah,

You sound like my dad in crowds!! He looks around after a while and says "There's only ugly people here, take me home" in a very sad voice - I have to admit I feel the same!! But good for you putting up with the Nazi style of your Aquarium!! I hate being organised like that, and then ripped off!! Have these people no shame (stupid question - obviously not!)?

Keep well, keeping fingers and toes crossed for you and Pete.



I like the pictures, we have an aquarium near us and I haven't been for ages. Maybe when the school holidays are over I'll persuade C to take me again.

Good luck to Pete with the Interview. fingers, toes and everything crossed for you both.


The aquarium sounds like every theme park around here. Every ride/attraction ends at the gift shop. Completely annoying.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first week of freedom though! Very exciting! And I'll be thinking about you and Pete this week! How exciting. No too long now...


I'll be thinking of you this love for Ikea still exists (we just got one last fall) but I totally understand the frustration. I cut into the warehouse once (I knew where the thing I wanted was located) and I got a LOT of dirty looks...


Whoah...I did NOT know there were rules at IKEA! We used to have one here, but then it went away. Now I'm wondering if it left because we were just too damn unruly ... roaming through aisles all willy nilly and whatnot!

I will be doing the "all good things" dance on Thursday. Nothing but good karma. Nothing. We will accept nothing else.


I am on pins and needles with you for Thursday...


I so could have written that post about the aquarium- I felt the same way (the crowds, the "so this is the big deal," etc.) And don't get me started on how you can't go to the Children's Garden anymore (that was the best part).

Hoping all works out for Thursday. Post as soon as you know anything as we're all crossing our fingers for you.

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