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Thursday, August 11, 2005


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Oh, man - I've been thinking of you guys all day hoping everything would turn out well. I can only imagine how mad Pete was when they told him about the Greek thing. What jerks! Don't they know they are standing in the way of true love? Hang in there - it will all be done soon and then before we know it we'll all be dancing at your wedding.


Have faith!!!!!!




awwww darling. I feel for the two of you...


oh no!!! Another hoop to go through? You and Pete and going to be expert hoop jumpers before this is over.

Sending big hugs and patience vibes. I can't even imagine the frustration you & Pete are feeling. All the best.


They just keep making the mountains higher don't they.

It must be so hard to see past all this to when you will all be together. But I'm sure you've both got the strength to get through it.

Sending lots of good luck thoughts your way


Damn, damn, damn!!! Unbelievable that there is still one tiny thing to do that threw everything off. Did they make him wait 2 hours to tell him this?? GRRR!!!! Enough already! Get these crazy kids together!!

Big hugs. Once this last hurdle is jumped, Pete will be on his way to you for good.

Amanda B.

I'm sorry it didn't go as you guys had hoped. I know things will be fine though, I'm just sorry you had the dissapointmen. :(

Hey, at least you don't have a friend that leaves you hanging because she gets distracted by cigarettes. ;P


oh no..... thinking of you..


Ugh- I know it will work out, but who needs the agony? Couldn't things just go right for once? I'm really sorry- good luck finding Greek translators.


I have that gut feeling that this will work out too, but man, it sure doesn't make it any easier right now in THIS moment.

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