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Sunday, March 13, 2005


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Hooray for finding a good florist! You are so ahead of the game, you're going to have such a gorgeous wedding. :)

That guy at the thing was a complete moron. I find it's not worth arguing with people who are so utterly idiotic - pearls before swine. But I know about enjoying the adrenaline rush! :)

Loved your description of your drive, and good for S for being such a bad ass!


AH, I'm glad the florist met with dad approval. Yeah! On to the next thing...where is my list...


Thanks for the tip on Robots, I was going to take my son to see it but now we'll save the money.

I used to work in the field of domestic violence(dv) and sexual assualt(sa) prevention and intervention (long name for such a low paid field!) Certain men, and it was always men, would hear what line of work I was in and launch into long, factually incorrect theories about dv and sa. When I attempted to tactfully correct them, tactfully pointing out that this was my field of expertise, so much so that I was often called on to testify in court as an expert, it seemed to do nothing but fuel their desire to defend their pathetic little thesis even more. It was deeply disturbing.

Good for you for standing up to this man. I know how awkward that can be but at the same time how good it can feel when you keep your cool, relay facts and stand your ground.


Hmmm, sounds familiar. I got into a discussion with a guy, who thought being well read made him an intellectual. It sounds like your guy and my guy read the same book, which I cannot remember the name of, but basically was written on the premise that all sex was based on the primal instinct of reproduction. So whether it is heterosexual, homosexual, violent, criminal, etc., the actual drive is based on this base instinct. Ask me nothing more, because the regurgitated argument was neither succinct nor valid.

Congrats on flowers! So you've got venue, dress and flowers; you are getting close. Remember one thing at a time, don't get overwhelmed, and every once and a while just sit down, smile and breathe. You're getting married!!!!! WOOHOOO!

Much Love

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