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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


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I wish you could have my photographer, he's wonderful. Probably wouldn't travel from the UK though!!

Good luck - ask around. If people have a good one they'll always be willing to tell you about it.


I SO empathize with you photographers are so darn expensive and Scott and I were paying for everything ourselves. I ended up having a friend, also the marketing director of my company, take the pictures digitally. I've always thought he had a certain "eye" and I was not disappointed. He also did our engagement pics. I'd be happy to share just in case you are curious as to what an "amateur" can do.


That first one frightens me. Only a little though. =)


You're adorable, ms. sarah.


That photographer sounds SO annoying. Whenever people like that,sales people, have scripts to follow and can't deviate I want to shout at them and hit them.

I like the pictures. ESPECIALLY the first one.


i had professional photos done when i was pregnant the second time and although the guy was good he still wasn't real hip to taking many suggestions from us. i mean, in some ways yes, but other ways no. he was so rushed. like my money didn't buy his time. and i got nude for the dude. i mean sheesh.


oh mi god! I can not stand script following sales guys with no sense of humor-what a-lameo! Did you try Laura's? I'll be honest- I just want to drool over the dred-headed picture taking fool again.


LOL! That was a perfect description of our adventure last night...


Euww, he sounds really cheesy. God, I hope I wasn't right way back a month ago when I said the photographer was going to be the biggest challenge. Why is so hard to find the right one??

Better luck with the next one!


Michele Frentrop: she's on this page:

Amanda B.

Bwaaahahaha! How did I miss this? I love it nicely done!

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