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Monday, February 07, 2005


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Oh, goo-goo gaa-gaa away, we'll all just have to live vicariously through you. :) Hooray for Pete's arrival! It'll be nice to have him here to support you while you're trying to be supportive to others. We all need someone to lean on...

Super Bowl dumb, very dumb. I'm awfully glad it's over. I'll say this, though. The halftime show was mind-numbingly boring, but when Paul managed that one good scream at the end of Hey Jude, I put my arms up in the air and said "Woo!" and I had goosebumps. His scream can still do that to me...

Cool about those people giving you and the peanut a must be "rely on the kindness of strangers" weekend. Just call us Blanche Dubois!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! But you should have shaken that little girl and called her a dimwit! Without John Lennon, Paul would be playing his guitar in a park with a hat on the ground hoping for a quid or two. Ok, my love for John sometimes clouds my judgment; more realistically a staple act at the Liverpool fair.


Awesome post Sarah! Enjoy your visit with Pete and have great time picking out a dress with Cecily. You truly are a wonderful friend and support system for her.

Strangers giving you a ride? How neighborly and totally unheard of!


I agree John was the best too! My mom always tells me how Paul was the most popular one when she was a kid and the Beatles were just coming across the pond, but I have always liked John best.

Stupid Bowl indeed! That is too funny about the kids saying what their parents were saying about the game. Ari said Donovan is being ripped a new one on talk radio today. Sucks to be him! Knowing this town, he'll probably get death threats. Sometimes Philly fans are completely wacko.


Just for the record, I still HATE FUCKING FOOTBALL.

That said, it was nice to hang out.

Can't wait to see Pete!

Amanda B.

Cecily- I hate football too. Blech.

Sarah, I'm glad your honey-bunny is back for a visit. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. :)


Paul McCartney is an arse.


Where in the world are you that you need an appointment to look for dresses? That doesn't sound right. You need an appointment for a fitting, but not to *look* at dresses. Just walk in and look around!

But don't look at anything in your size or smaller. I know, sounds insane, but they run a size or two small, just to make sure your ego is sufficiently fragile on your big day, no doubt. So look at things that are a little large because it *will* have to be altered and it's alot easier to work with too much fabric then not enough.

That's my assvice for the day. Aren't you just overjoyed to have been the recipient?

So, when are you going to post the url for this fabulous new website/venture? Is it already here somewhere and I'm missing it?

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