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Friday, February 11, 2005


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Every time I forget I am looking for something, it finds me (isn't that just how it goes?). This brought me hope today. Thanks!!!!


When we stop holding life hostage, it is we who are freed.

Nice post Sarah... and having seen you struggle thru many of those heartaches, it is a true joy to see you happy.


Well, yeah...very great post and of course you know i relate. All too well. I remember consciously learning at 15 that "sex sells" and began dressing and doing thing's taken such a long time to even begin to undo that damage. But what a process you have been through and it is wonderful to see you HAPPY, of course in a relationship with P, but also its great to see your happiness within and your self-acceptance which has allowed you to love and be loved by all of us.



Nice post.

I can't fully relate - I am one of "those" that isn't really familiar with that journey, but I have friends who took that path. I can see the struggles they are having now.

It is nice to see the end result!


You know how when you read a great blog post, and you don't really have anything to add to it except ME TOO and I AGREE and you feel stupid posting just to say ME TOO and I AGREE, like you're some sort of animatron that walks around monotoning, "Acknowledged, acknowledged"?



What Catherine said.

Oh--and it's so nice not to have to threaten to kick the asses of your boyfriends any more.


Beautiful post, Sarah. I was never into drugs and alcohol but what you wrote about sex sounded exactly like my early personal experiences. It's so nice to know that, not only are we not alone but that there really is a chance to evolve past such circumstances.


I wasn't into drugs but definately alcohol and sex, and at a young age...too young. I loved your post. It was as if you were describing me...but I haven't broke free yet.

I'm so happy that you're doing so well Sarah


Beautifully said.

Amanda B.

That was really really lovely, Sarah. I tip my hat to you.


Although such a sad recount, it was a beautiful post.

Thank you for sharing it, touched my soul


beautifully written and ditto on catherines comment


Thank you for sharing this... you describe so accurately and well what I think is true for too many women. Your story could be mine, though I don't have a child. I'm so glad to hear that you are in a good and healthy place... I'm on the way there myself.


This post is so prophetic in it's own way. I wish teen girls were reading. I remember the days when I thought sex was love and wish I knew what I know now. the comments this post inspired are so honest, and fantastic. I am a fan. I will visit often.

Elena Temnova

A back translation would never be a fair test for the machine translation. If you want to evaluate the quality of machine-translated text, il would be better to take a text in a foreign language and to translate it into English. In such a case, you will see much more sense in the translation.

I've translated the first paragraph of the post into Russian, and here is the results (I've marked with big letter the parts which are incorrect)

Я думал много в последнее время об отношениях, сексе, близости, и любви. Я наконец достиг пункта в моей жизни, где эти вещи являются символическими. Где кажется, как будто все, что я закончил, вело меня к этому пункту, и я счастлив действительно счастливЫЙ (here it must be the full form of the adjective, instead of the short one). Я имею несколько друзей, которые говорят со мной о проблемах, окружающих эти темы, друзЬЯ (should be друзей - wrong case of the noun), которые являются КАЖДЫМ РАЗЛИЧНЫЙ (construction "each different" must be translated in a different way, and it's need to be reformulated in Russian) , все же каждый с подобными эмоциональными ответами; подобный мне.

So, you can see only 3 errors, two purely morphological, and one syntactical. Surely, the translation is not elegant, but it's 99 percent understandable.

Elena Temnova

I've forgotten to put the name of the translator I've used for this test (


you are an inspiration...

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