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Monday, February 14, 2005


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That sounds like a fantastic night out, in a lame, tacky kind of way :) . Can't wait to read the three other views on it too!

I hope Pete does start blogging, it'll be fun reading about a brit abroad.


Cool - I need another blog to read. Set him up right away! Your trip out sounds like a good time. I've never gambled but would love to go to Foxwoods sometime.

What I meant by not being set free is I'm still with the one who's helped me become a shell of what I was.


Hey, Pete-blog-ness! Cool!

I'm glad you guys had a good time after the dance. After suffering through that, you DESERVED to. Heh.

Atlantic City is the Ultimate in Tack. I like this guy best:
"Named Atlantic City's Entertainer of the Year three times, the multi-talented, charismatic Clint Holmes is an American Treasure."

I'm always very nervous when someone refers to themselves as an "entertainer"...


Yeah, uh, THANKS so much for making fun of my lack of education.



OK, I'm jealous. Even though the only time I went to a casino I was 24 and had for some dumb-ass reason MY ENTIRE RENT in my bag, which I gave to my poor boyfriend and told him not to give it to me no matter what. I blew my pocket change on the slots (sluts) and then, you know it, begged, cajoled, harrassed and finally abused the rent money out of my boyfriend. Which I blew in ten seconds. Instant addict! Never went back! Wish the other addictions were that easy to spot.


Sarah -

I'm so accustomed to the "City of Mirrors" tackiness of A.C., I don't really know whether I could write about it. I mean, I don't really see it, even when I'm looking right at it. All I can say is, the whole town smells like a broken hot comb, and looking at the hairstyles, no wonder. And the faces, well, there's a sad desperation among the habitual gambler that really isn't found anywhere else. You can see some of the same types at the racetrack...comb-overs, sans-a-belt slacks, the bleary squint one acquires after smoking a pack of Kents in an hour. The only thing that's changed is the lack of coin. This whole "voucher" system I'm sure makes it easier for the casinos, they don't need mountains of quarters laying about. But I do think that the sound of quarters added to the excitement. There was always the feeling that someone, somewhere was winning. And with quarters, even a $10 win sounds big. Now there's just this little slip of paper. But I s'pose that's ok. After all, what's cash?

Congrats to Pete...Lady Luck was smiling.


I'm glad Pete has his own blog. Sorry the dance was beyond lame. I love the stroke of adventure that only a really horrendous devent like that could evoke! Glad you guys made out with some cash in AC!

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