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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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Oh, I totally forgot, I heard this amazing aria by some composer I'd never heard of on the way to the airport in New Orleans, and I remember thinking, wow, that would be great at Sarah's wedding. Charlie remember the composer, so we'll have to find it.

Don't forget. I get to do your makeup! But for once I'm not touching your hair. That should be in the hands of a professional.


You realize, of course, that it is nearly impossible to invite 125 people to the wedding? It is either just family and CLOSEST friends (less than 50 people total) or the number will rocket out of control. Next stop...500.

Good luck, and don't forget to have fun! You are nowhere near panic date yet.


Everything sounds great so far! has a dress finder that lets you put in different features and shows the results. My husband and I have talked about getting remarried on our 25th (in 4 years).

Looking forward ot the next chapter of the "What to expect when marrying Sarah" book!


Sounds wonderful! And I think you have plenty of time - no reason to panic. I would definitely say your dress is top priority - it tends to be the thing that takes the longest (if you end up buying one, that is.) Enough assvice. :-) Like Sheri, can't wait to hear about your plans as you get close.


Honestly, it will probably cost you less to have your dress made than to buy it, unless you can find exactly what you want from a discounter like David's Bridal. The wedding industry markup is so huge that unless you're having intricate hand-beading done, you're probably better off with a seamstress who will do exactly what you wqant, and in better quality and fit, than buying from a store that adds on another few thousand dollars just because the dress is cream.

If you do go the seamstress route, bring the headpiece along to the first meeting with her, and that will help guide some of the choices for the dress.

Sounds very exciting!


You mean, shaped kind of like this:

without the massive sleeves?

You know, you can get Arwen's coronation dress!

Of course, I'm a total geek and it appeals to me to find a wedding dress on a website called "swords of". LOL! You can also get historical weapons and coats of arms there - it's like one-stop shopping. I'm joking. it sounds gorgeous. I agree with the person above who said if you want something REALLY specific and you don't want a lot of hand-beading, it will probably be cheaper to have it made.

That said, my cousin's wife found her Vera Wang (!) wedding gown for $500 at a second-hand store here in Philly. Very fance consignment shop. I'll ask her what the name was - I was with her, but I don't remember. Gorgeous dress, and it was $2500 originally.

Amanda B.

Ooooh Sarah how exciting! I shall relive my wedding vicariously through you if you don't mind, dahling.


Hey, I'm an opera singer myself -- may I suggest a duet that always makes me cry at weddings? It's "Make our garden grow" from Candide by Leonard Bernstein, and it's a realistic yet inspirational take on love:

"We're neither pure nor wise nor good
We'll do the best we know
We'll build our house and chop our wood
and make our garden grow."

I'm getting teary just thinking about it...


Yeah, when ARE we going shopping???? Also, don't mention the word Renaissance around Claudine, whatever you do. heh - heh.

love ya


I really see the whole Autumm theme. I am also super into the corset backing to the dress (so hot) in a classy way!


I'm new to posting here, but had to post because the way you described your 'dream' wedding dress almost totally fit my wedding dress. Complete with corset bust and laced-up back. I'm considering selling it, but you probably wouldn't be interested in buying used...


The dress sounds gorgeous and from your photo, like it would totally suit you. Good luck finding it, or someone to make it for you.
You prompted me to actually take a peek at my wedding dress sitting wayyyy back in the closet (my kids hide in it). Not what I would pick out now, but still made me sigh a contented sigh.


"and that's all anyone to begin?"

Better take the "cynical" off the mast head -- the whole pete/love thing has removed it from your personality. congratulations on your new self!

Amy in BC

I am so very excited for you :) I loooove weddings (other peoples weddings mind you, we eloped in Hawaii!) and all the details.


it all sounds so exciting, i am so happy for you!


Update: the fancy consignment shop where my cousin's wife found her dress went out of business. :( So no help there...

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