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Saturday, November 13, 2004


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"I think the infertility treatments is taking it out of God's hands, but if He didnt want to allow it, it wouldnt happen.Regardless of the doctors ability.. Plain and obviously He wanted you to have those babies." That was my comment! and its the same as if you got cancer (again, God's will) but if you went and got treatment, that was technically taking it out of God's hands, but you may live and it was because He allowed you to do so. I am not and never was saying she is being punished for "playing God" which i have read someone else said. However, when you are responsible for another life, however it got here in the first place, you must be just that...responsible. If it affects only you, fine, do whatever. But when it affects the life of another, you have a moral responsiblity.


Aw, girl, you rock. But you know that.

I knew that I would invite this shit when I put myself and my opinions out there. I do think I'm strong enough to take it. I set myself up today because I was bored and irritated...

You're right--we still have choice, and freedom of religion in this country. FOR NOW.

This shit makes me even more determined to FIGHT to keep things that way.



Cecily, you are truely amazing. And you have a wonderful best friend (who I am sad isn't allowed to make it to London(!) but I am more glad for you).

Keep fighting. Don't let those fucktards remove any of your choices or your rights.

You are strong enough.

Sarah, I am with you in wanting to throttle Holly. Why do people think they have the right to spout such bollocks?


Hey DMouse, thanks for your comments...I love it in London, but my whole life is here. I couldn't be that far away from my family and friends, and I wouldn't take my daughter that far away from her father, family, and friends.
This is my country, and I'm going to fight for it.


All good reasons to stay. And the weather is probably nicer too.

Says Sarah freezing her arse off just outside London. So whereabouts is your hero from? North of the river I hope!

We have to fight to rid ourselves of Blair. I hope we have more luck.


... so the nutter is following all the links through paranoia and defending herself and her views left, right and centre. Must have forgotten to take her happy pills - do us all a favour and remember to take em!


Hi! I stumbled across your blog through Cecily, who I found through the Grumpy Girl, who I found through...I don't know. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I also just started my own blog, and like you it was partly because the election made me feel that I needed to communicate and organize my thoughts or I'd go crazy. It sounds like even more of a roller-coaster of a month for you!

Great, now that Holly is blocked from Cecily's blog, she's going to start annoying you?


Thanks for commenting, Miriam and Kim! I was going to delete Holly's comment (she put that up in less than 5 minutes from the time I hit 'publish'), but I decided to leave it because it shows once again that she DOES NOT GET IT and DOES NOT READ. She completely missed my point.

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