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Monday, May 19, 2008


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Uh...WAYYY creepy. Great picture - you're much braver than me, I would have been completely freaked out I'm sure!


Wow, Sarah. That looks pretty scary. I don't know if I could handle the emotional aspect, as well as I am a scardey-cat ;-)

Congrats on 5 weeks of no smoking! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Christy Marie

Brilliant job, lady. :)

And big congrats on 5 weeks. xx


"Byberry" is another one, and "The Institute" - linked to PA hospital. "Kirkbride" is a good key word to look up as well, if you want to research it all.

Those sorts of places are indeed... haunted.

I know.

I was locked in one back in '86 - '87.

I thank you for daring to "go there".

Heather E

Congrats on the 5 weeks!! I knew you could do it!!
I can't believe that you guys went to those instuitions. I don't think I could handle all of the negative emotions that would still be floating around in that place(because you know that kind of energy just doesn't leave on it's own.) Very cool pictures though. Do you ever watch "GhostHunters"? They go to these old places like this quite a bit.


Very cool! There was a place like that in Japan when I was living there that'd be abandoned for about 15-20 years... we spent way too much time there :) It's fun being scared when you know it's completely illogical.


Spooooooky. Great photo. I love old typewriters. It reminds me of the days long gone. I learned how to type on an IBM Selectric II tank in high school. So glad I did, too. I knew I'd be writing tons of papers for college and ultimately for my writing. Now kids are born with a keyboard in their hands.


Quite an arresting photo! You've got such a gift, I always enjoy seeing your work.

red lotus mama

Wow ... that sounds like it was an intense experience! That photo sent shivers up my back.


Highly creepy. Reminds me of those gory movies Hostel and Saw. Or at least the promos for them, because I don't have the guts to actually watch the movies.

You have way more guts than I do!

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