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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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If it were me I would want to see the pricing on the site. I really don't like it when I need to call to see if I can afford something. Usually I just wont call and will go somewhere else.


Change is scary, even good change... I'm with you on that. But I mainly commented to tell you that I think your photographs are beautiful. You are very talented.


Holding a good thought for you!
I am like you, I hate to call someone to find out that their fees are more than I can afford. You could perhaps say something like " Sitting fees start at $XX and are by appointment." To give people an idea of your fees. Maybe have it under a FAQ or Contact information.
This is the site of my local photographer, but he doesn't focus on art and gallery type work, he does mostly portraits.
Good luck!


Coming from someone in Marketing, leave it off. My question to you would be, "you called to find out, right?". You didn't just say "no" to that website, product, or supplies. You called to find out. It might have bothered you, but won't it bother you more, that you are losing business based on your rate and you'd never know.

I would do a trail run. Don't put any prices, see what you get. If you get calls and they don't seem interested asked them "why? What bothers you? Is it my prices or something else?" If you aren't getting any phone calls and no sales, then switch it up. Put prices down.

Sorry if I'm confusing. Email me if you need any help.


I PERSONALY deal with sites that have a listing price. It tells me right off the bat if i can afford it or not and i dont have to take the extra 5-10 minutes to call and get pricing or leave a message and wait on a return call. When i am "internet searching/shopping" it usually means i am after ALL the information at once so i can make a decision.

At least if the price it on the site, when people call they will be serious versus being shellshocked one way or the other, AND if its on the site they've had a chance to think about it once they've called you versus talking to you and feeling on the "spot" to go further with thier interest, or again..... another follow up call after they've thought about the pricing...again making it a longer than need-be process.

As you can tell, i much prefer the prices and mostly wont deal with sites (ie real estate listings) that dont have the price. Besides, if your less expensive than other your prices so people will be pleasently surprised. Just do it all in a tactful way, or maybe add a link to pricing so its not slapping you in the face when your on the website. It can be done tactfully.......

Me and my opinions are going back into hiding.......


I'm a dressmaker. I found I got four times as many enquiries once I listed my very reasonable prices on my website. Obviously, I recommend giving a sample price list!


I agree, price upfront is important!

If I see a car I like for sale with on a 4 sale phone: **** - I won't bother, why am I to possibly spend money on just asking the price?


*delurking* When I was shopping around for wedding photographers, it was very helpful to have the price listed on the webpage. I found that most photographers (at least here in the Midwest) do list at least several package options, and then the price for prints ordered a la carte.

Heather S

Defintely list pricing. Especially if your pricing is competitive. I do alot of internet shopping/googling after business hours and it is a pain to take notes and go back to it. I want the info NOW.


I don't think I'd bother calling if there were no prices. I'd just assume I couldn't afford it and look for someplace that would list prices in my range.

Just honest feedback.

P.S. If I had a little more than no money at all, I'd buy your book or some prints. I think you are very talented and wish you posted more. (selfishly, of course - as a lot of this entry talks about how busy you are)



I never contact anyone without price listings. I would be too embarrassed if I had to say, "Whoa.. can't afford that!" after going to the trouble of emailing/calling them.

Your photography is incredible. There is no way you could fail. Even your so-called "less than amazing" shots are better than average, by a mile.


Adding my voice to the choir: I will never take my business to someone who will not tell me their prices upfront. It's not worth my time to go through the sales pitch only to find out they are way above what I want to pay. That is manipulative, forcing someone to call for information and sit through a spiel just to get a very reasonable question answered. Just MHO, of course.

Regardless, I think it's all very exciting! :)


I've been talking you up like crazy, my dear!! Your work is phenomenal! And yes, it is possible to take a bad picture of my dear daughter. Need I mention the Sears passport picture again? :)


Hey Stinky, good going! We're coming to get y'all Sat!


one of my dear, but far away friends, has been gradually building her own photography business over the years. Her website has gown a lot lately too, but I thought taking a look at that might give you some ideas...also, she has been known to apprentice other ladies, and I have a feeling, htough I haven't talked to her in in months ( we're military wives" that if you had questios about how to set things like that up, she would be more than hapy to answer.


I am more likely to contact someone who lists pricing - even if it's only sample or "starting" - just because I'd have a better idea. If I'm searching on the internet its because I want all the info right there at hand. That's a lot of what pushed me to our wedding photographer - I knew what I was getting into right away.

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