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Friday, April 29, 2005


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Interview me! And take off your pants!


Sarah, Thanks for being a good sport. I'm laughing that the Brady kid question was the hardest for you.

Now you'll get a chance to see how hard it is to come up with questions.

Puerto Rico sounds like a great honeymoon! Rome would be fun on another trip, but Europe requies a lot of energy and schlepping around. You'll be so exhausted from the wedding and everything that I think it would be good to go somewhere and just veg.


Interview me.
Brady question is funny-Hunny Moon in puerto rico-sounds totally fabulous.

Rob Merola

I was just at Leggy's blog myself. I figured being interviewed would be one way of coming up with something to post about, so looks like I'll be playing the game too...

Never been to Puerto Rico, but sounds beautiful.

I also liked what you said about "knowing who you are" in number three. Whatever downsides there are to aging, that is a plus that I think outweighs them all.


Hey, if you need any help with the honeymoon planning, my girlfriend is from Puerto Rico and I've been there 4 times now, traveling all over the island -- you're right, it's amazing!

jimmy corrigan

Know what? I ask questions to people every day. Perhaps I should answer some myself. Interview me. :)


Me! Me! Interview me please!


Interview me!

For the Brady question, I would have had to answer that I thought they were all insipid little dweebs.

(no...I didn't like that show at all...)

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