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September 21, 2010


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You should be really proud of your work Sarah!


Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.... and I love the song.

Melissa in TN

You did a fabulous job!!! They will absolutely treasure these. I love, how you captured details like her new shoes, the lace on her dress, the rose petals on the bed. I don't even know the couple and I am teary looking at them. Makes me want to see the rest!!!


Oh, Sarah, I'm so excited for you! This album is incredible. Any bride (any bride with taste anyway) looking for a wedding photographer would take one look at this album and hire you in a second. I can't believe this was your first wedding.

When I got married 12 years ago, this documentary style of shooting was just starting to catch on, and we hired this incredible photographer, her name is Tanya Tribble, to shoot our wedding. (Check out her website, tanyatribbleweddings) Everyone loved our photos, and everyone who saw our album wanted to hire her. Looking at the photos made you feel that you were there, she totally captured the day, not just a bunch of images of how people or things looked. It is a gift, and I think you have that gift.

If this is something you want to do, you will be able to make a really nice living doing it!

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